CHAPTER THREE: Trials And Tribulation

"People change, they grow up and move on. So, why are you still stuck in the past?"

 So, why are you still stuck in the past?"


"You wait here while I get some food," Isabelle told Simon, nodding to Athena who was currently applying her makeup before prancing out of the room.

Athena watched how Simon's eyes trailed after her. He was like a lovesick puppy. "You think she's beautiful, don't you?"

"So beautiful. You all are beautiful. Is that a Shadowhunter thing?" Simon spoke softly. Athena almost dropped dead in awe. He was so adorable. How did him and Clary never hook up? How did he not have girls falling to his feet?

Before she could say anything else, the door burst open and Isabelle's smiling face peeked in. Isabelle practically launched herself at the poor boy. Sitting as close as possible, almost in his lap. 

Simon gave her a dazed look before composing himself. "So, what happens to a human if they're turned?" He asked.

"They usually die, sometimes they go crazy. When that happens you call them forsaken." Isabelle trailed off, smirking before adding, "Then we kill them."

"Right. So, the rune on Clary's neck?"

"A healing rune, Jace used it to save Clary's life." Isabelle told him, trying to make Jace sound noble and good.

"So, Jace knew she was a Shadowhunter?" 

"No," Athena cut in, stopping Isabelle. "He didn't. He just assumed she was and decided to rune her up because he's selfish and probably just wanted to get in her pants." She said harshly, finishing the last flick of her eyeliner. "But I guess Jace had a little evidence to back it up. The seraph blade lit up when she touched it so I guess Jace isn't as thickheaded as we think."

Simon scrambled up, making his way to the exit. Isabelle was up in a flash, Shadowhunter advantage. She put a finger on his chest and blocked his way. "Where could you possibly be going?"

"To get Clary, to protect her from Jace!"

"Why would you need to protect her from Jace? He's the ultimate protector."

Simon rolled his eyes, collapsing on the bed in defeat. "What makes Jace so special?"

"Fastest, strongest and fiercest. Well, other then me of course." Athena told him, spinning around in the seat. "Ugh, and have you seen those abs? I would have been all over them if he didn't hate me."

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