Part 7

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Beep Beep beep. I woke to the sound of an alarm clock going off. I sat up looking around the room and realizing I was still in Scotts room. Oh shit. It's morning. We're naked laying in bed together. Scotts mom is home. My dad is probably worried sick. Footsteps coming up the stairs broke me from my thoughts. I panicked and jumped out of bed but fell to the ground as soon as my feet hit the ground. Ouch. I heard a giggle from behind me. I frowned and stood up and told him to be quiet.

" what's wrong? " Scott and in a low whisper.

" Someone is coming. " His face went pale and he jumped out of bed. He went over to our pile of clothes and threw me mine and slipped his on.

As soon as I locked the bathroom door, I heard Scotts bedroom door open. I couldn't make out what they were saying but it sounded like his mom. I quickly slipped my clothes on and when I heard footsteps going downstairs I came out of the bathroom.

" What was that all about? " What could hi snow want at this time? He smiled and pecked my lips.

" My mom came up here to make sure I woke up. " I smiled back at him and walked towards the door.

" That was a close one. " Scott laughed at my comment and said goodbye.

" Oh wait Allison one more thing.... I love you. " He couldn't stop smiling as I said the same and ran downstairs.


" So how was it? " Lydia asked. I knew she was talking about what me and Scott did last night.

" It was amazing. " I smiled thinking back to last night. A night I would remember for the rest of my life. Me and Lydia spent the rest of the day at the mall talking about me and Scott. Scott definitely is a big part of my life now. I don't know if we will stay together but I know that no matter what he will be there.

It's almost midnight and my parents are asleep so I can call Scott. I pulled my phone off of my dresser and walked outside. He picked up by the 2 ring.

" Hey babe. " Babe.. I like it.

" Hi. " I didn't really know what else to say.

" Whats up? Is something wrong? " Is something wrong? I feel like there is something missing from me.

" Um no. I just wanted to call and ask if you maybe wanted to meet at the creek tomorrow after school. "

" Ya definitely. " There was a pause.

" Ok well I guess I will see you tomorrow. Goodnight Scott." I am really excited to see Scott again. Every time I get to see him I have the time of my life.

" Ok. Goodnight. " I hung up and walked back inside to see my mom in the kitchen.

" Oh my gosh mom you scared me. What are you doing up?" I stood there awkwardly waiting for her answer.

" I was awoken by you opening the door. Who were you talking to? " Oh god. I can't tell her about Scott yet.

" A friend.. Just confirming when we hang out tomorrow." I hope she believes me. She gave me the death glare and I looked away quickly avoiding it.

" Ok. Go to bed. It's late. " I nodded thanking the gods and walked upstairs.


No answer. This is the 5 time I've called Scott with no answer. He was supposed to meet me 20 minutes ago. I was actually starting to worry. Maybe he go stuck in traffic or something. I'll be really disappointed if he doesn't show.. I miss the funny moments we have, and the spark that egnites when we kiss, I miss the warmth his presence gives me. I waited for another hour before giving up and going home. I'll just ask him at school tomorrow.

" Allison. " I was awoken by my dad whispering my name. I sat up and looked at the clock. 3:26.

" Dad what are you doing? "

" I'm going to pick up your Aunt Kate. She is having car trouble. " Oh ya I forgot my aunt is coming over! Oh I'm so excited. She is like a sister to me I love her!

" Oh Ok. Be safe. " I kissed him on the cheek and laid back down. I'm really tired. My eyelids got heavy and I slipped away into a deep sleep.

Scotts POV

" Dude Stiles, I missed our date yesterday when I was out with Derek. We were caught by hunters and I needed time to heal. What do I tell Allison?!? " I am freaking out. I can't tell Allison yet. I don't know how she would take it.

" Just tell her that you had to help your mom at the hospital and your mom took away your phone. That's believable right? " It will have too work.

I walked around the front yard of school trying to spot Allison. I was at the hospital helping my mom, and she took away my phone. I said it over and over in my head making it sound believable. I looked around again spotting Allison.

" Allison hey. "

" Hey. Why weren't you there yesterday. I was missing you. " She looked defeated, but I smiled a bit inside because she missed me.

" I was at the hospital helping my m-mom. " Dammit I stuttered. " And she took away my phone. " She gave me a confused look.

" Ok. " She still looked confused, but shook it off. "Maybe we can do it tomorrow." She looked down at the ground. I put my fingers on her chin and lifted her head to where she could look me in the eyes and kissed her on the lips slowly.

" It won't happen again. Please forgive me. " She smiled and giggled.

" I forgive you. " Off to the side a car honked and a man got out. " Oh that's my dad.. I'll see you later. " The man turned around and looked at me dead in the eye and smiled. Wait he looks familiar. Oh wait. He's the one that shot me. He is a hunter.


Okay here's another chapter. I bit more of Scotts perspective. As always please tell me what you think! It really helps!

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