Swimming lessons part 2 LEMON

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Hey guys, i am so sorry for making this really late. A lot of you was begging for part 2 so here it goes you little nasty perverts (don't worry, so am I ;3) also sorry if there are any typos....
(Ciel's POV)
Oh crap....

(No one's POV)
From the tight ass grip ciel has on (y/n)'s bathing suit, and causing her to move forward, little does she know......she falls as well because she is clumsy as fuck. The bathing suit rips even more from the back to her breast. Ciel also being clumsy as fuck for "some reason" fell on top of (y/n) feeling very, oddly comfortable.

(Ciel's POV)
What the bloody hell broke my landing? With my eyes shut tight, I reached my hand to aim for the floor but it landed on something....soft? I squeezed it just a little making sure what I think it was. *squeeze *"Ngh~~" was that...(y/n) making that noise or am I just loosing it? I opened my eyes with the oddly satisfying sight of (y/n) blushing really hard with her eyes shut tight. "..." *squeeze* "ahh~~ ciel~", (y/n) moaned. I could feel my dick harden with just the sweet noises of her's. I got off of her as quickly as possible and got out of the water to calm myself from doing anything else.

(Y/n)'s POV)
Did i...? Did he...?

What the hell is going on.....? I was hit in the head with knowledge and i got hit even harder realizing that ciel just squished one of my boobs. i wrapped my arms to cover my chest to feel some of the cloth of my new bathing suit that he just gave me. i turned around to face ciel but he was facing the other side. "Umm...master? A-are you ok?", i tried to ask him as calmly as  possible. 

"..." No answer? I walk up to him releasing my hand from my breast to touch his shoulder and for him to turn around. He did turn around but as that happened, the cloth of the baithig that covered my nipple was, well, uncovered. Ciel's face was so red that it puts both Grell's hair and Madam Red's name along the outfit to shame. He also had a nosebleed.

I covered my chest and ran inside the mansion. Why is this day getting more and more kinky by the minute!?!? (Because author-chan has nothing else to do with her life and this is a lemon after all ;3) SHUT UP AUTHOR-CHAN!!! (Fine...I'll just be here at the corner *holds popcorn and 3D glasses*) Wow... ( I know right, I thought this movie was gonna be good. I just wasted good money on this!! well I guess I'll stay til the end..) ....

As I finally made it to my bedroom, I hear a familiar voice from the other side of my door.

"Y-y/n? May I talk t-to you for a moment?" He asks stuttering. Aww that was kind of cute.

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