(RP): The Maze Game: Chapter 18

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After walking for a while they come to the river. Everyone decides to stay here for the night.
Zaiden climbed the tree and looked out. Ayslessa wondered what it was like to have a veiw from the tree, So slowly she began to climb it, trying to pull herself up the branches, after getting about 10 meters up her hand slips and she screams as she started to fall. Suddenly she stop as someone catches her "Gotcha..." Dalton grins and lifts her up. Ayslessa blushes as she stutters "Thanks...." and looked out from the tree branch.

" and looked out from the tree branch

"Wow....." she muttered "it's so pretty....." She gazed out at the veiw.
She turned round and hugged Dalton and smiled.
Dalton looked down at her "Well while you are up here look at the veiw if you think it's that pretty, don't hug me silly" He pats her head.
But then she shakes it "No I would rather be hugging you instead, silly" she mimics his voice for the last part. She smiles blood rushing to her face.
Dalton blinks a bit shocked "Ohh... I see, but let's compromise then, get the best of both worlds" He sits down on the branch and looks out at the veiw as she leans against him. Looking out at the sun setting.....

Meanwhile everyone was getting ready for bed


The next morning the boys and girls realise that because of the heat and all the walking they had to do the previous day they were all sweaty and should probable have a bath.
They split up, Boys and Girls.

******Boys bath*****

Zaiden was swimming in the pool and he looked up at the sky. Then asked Hitoma the following question....

 Then asked Hitoma the following question

"Hitoma... where do you think we are?" Zaiden sighed then continued "I mean it's been almost 3 weeks right... no sigh of help or anything...."
Hitoma looked down and saw his reflection in the water "I don't know...."
Suddenly a big shadow appear behind Zaiden in the water.

"Suddenly a big shadow appear behind Zaiden in the water

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