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Somehow this story turned out to be really innocent and cute? You all are so sweet and kind in the comments....and I don't want to ruin this with smut....BUT I PLANNED SMUT WTF.
Tell me your opinion in the comments,yeah?

Jimins eyes widened as she noticed that there were still bruises on her body. She let go of the plastic bag, a skirt and a t-shirt in her hand. It dropped, but Jimin  was too busy putting on the top as quickly as possible  to notice how it fell onto the ground.

Yoongi therfore was acting like he had dirt on his pants, brushing them off. He considered to ask Jimin  about the bruises later.

"SOO how do we start?" Jimin asked with a blush as she sat down across from Yoongi. The man smiled. He was busy cleaning his workplace so there was enough space for both of them.
He handed Jimin  a black book.
"That's  my sketchbook. Look through it and tell which body type you like the most. It would be the easiest that way because I already sculpted them once. I could prepare silicone molds then."

Jimin stared at the sketchbook for a few seconds, then stretched our her hands. Their hands brushed against each other and Jimin  immediately lowered her head, cheeks tinted red and a smile on her lips . Her reaction was so different from the mast time this happened, that Yoongi needed to blink a few times before he could   remove his hands. He didn't touch her on purpose... or maybe he did. He wasn't  sure. But Jimins  reaction was definitely pleasing tho.
Jimin opened the sketchbook,so Yoongi just leaned back, watching her reactions on the drawings.
She handled the sketchbook like it was made of gold, while she was turning the pages.
The drawing were amazing and her eyes couldn't  get enough of those beautiful girls that Yoongi drew.

She regonized a few of them, Yoongi drew them often and with the same hair and face.

Jimin let out quiet gasping sounds with every new page and Yoongi grinned.
It took her a while to be finished with one page and during that time her lips parted a bit. Yoongi really enjoyed her staring at his work like that.
Sure he was proud everytime somebody liked his creations, especially people like Jin, whom  he was looking up to.
But Jimins reaction made him nervous , but yet so happy and flattered.
He stared at those beautiful plump lips, then letting his gaze drift to the rest of her face.
She was so young. So beautiful. So different.
A boy that looked way more prettier than any girl Yoongi ever met.


Jimin cleared her throat, so Yoongi would know that she was finished changing. The man smiled widely at her.

"Beautiful" he said.

"Ehm" Jimin stuttered, her cheeks bright red.
"I've  talked to a classmate about gender identity..."

Yoongi raised an eyebrow.

"And turns out  that I identify as genderfluid. I mean I already did before but I just had no word to describe how I felt"

Yoongi thought Jimin  was just a boy rebelling against gender roles.
But no.
Jimin gave it a few moments to sink in before continuing.

"And I wanted to ask you, since you told me I can wear the clothes I want and be myself here... if you could try to use the right pronouns?"

Yoongi nodded immediately.

"Of course. You prefer female pronouns right now? I mean that's why you dress up so feminine?"

Jimin stared at her feet.

"Are you sure you're fine with it?" She whispered,suddenly very uncomfortable.

"This is a save place , you know?"

"What do you mean?"

"If you want to be called a girl, then I'll do it. Nobody's here to judge you"

Jimins face heat up and she felt her tears coming, that started to make her vision blurry.
"Really?" She croaked.

"This is a save place" Yoongi repeated, staring into the youngers eyes. "I'm your save place"

Jimin stared at him like she was in shock. Her jaw dropped and she said nothing.
This was the first time in her life somebody  said something that nice to her.
Yoongi smiled widely and brushed over Jimins cheek with his thumb.

"And now stop crying please. You look way more prettier when you smile"

He said the truth. Jimins face always get swollen and red when she cries, she really looked nothing like those beautiful actresses in movies when they cry.

So she sniffed and tried to smile. Yoongi brushed over her cheek again, his expression thoughtful.
So soft.
Jimin looked down at the mans  big veiny hand and realized how much she enjoyed the mans  touch.
How much he seemed to care altough they met only a few times.

Jimin placed her hand on top of Yoongis hand. She actually planned to move it away but it felt wrong. Her instinct told her to lean into the touch and interlock fingers with him.

She did exactly that without a second thought. She sighed slightly, closing her eyes.
Yoongi continued with  caressing her cheek.

And little did they know that both of them felt the same butterflies inside their  stomach.

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