Harry Potter Instant Messaging

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Screen Names: 

Chozen1 --Harry (Of course) 

BookWrm79 --Hermione 

WeazleKing --Ron 

Thing1 --Fred 

Thing2 --George 

ChaserGurl --Ginny 

BlondeBeauty --Draco Malfoy 

SxySnakeCharmer --Voldemort 

SoCkLvR --Dobby 

VoldyFanGrl --Bellatrix 

BringinSxyBak --Snape 

MimbulusMimbletonia -- Neville 

Wrackspurt15 --Luna 

They won't all be in every chat, but I wanted to put all the screen names in the same place 

Chozen1 Joined the Chat 

BookWrm79 Joined the Chat 

WeazleKing Joined the Chat 

Chozen1: Hey Hermione, have you finished the DADA homework for Snape? 

BookWrm79: Of course! Haven't u? 

Chozen1: Well... 

WeazleKing: Hermione, have I ever told you just how smart and pretty and amazing you are? 

BookWrm79: Ron stop sucking up, it won't work!! 

Chozen1: No seriously Hermione, he is right. You rock Dobby's socks! 


WeazleKing: Hermione please, do you really want us to fail? 

BookWrm79: Yes 

Chozen1: You don't mean that Hermione, you won't let me and Ron fail will you? 

WeazleKing: Hermione, if you want me to cry, I'll do it. I would rather risk all sense of manlieness than fail. 

BookWrm79: No one wants to see you cry Ronald. 

Chozen1:...I kinda do. 

WeazleKing: Shut up Harry, you aren't helping. 

Chozen1: Don't yell at me, you're the one that offered! 

WeazleKing: I was talking to HERMIONE 

Chozen1: Well be more specific next time! 

WeazleKing: Hermione, cant you see you refusal to help us do our homework is tearing us apart?!? 

Chozen1: Yeah Hermione, do you really want to be responsible for the death of a great friendship? Can you really handle that kind of guilt? 

BookWrm79: Ugh! You two are such girls! Are you going to start wearing make-up and squealing when you see sparkly vampires now too? 

Chozen1: Um Hermione, vampires don't sparkle.