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awsten: geoff i need to tell you something

geoff: awst it's really late are you alright?

awsten: it's four thirty seven am and i need to get something off my chest

awsten: geoff please promise me you won't hate me 


awsten: geoff please

geoff: just say it

awsten: geoff im gay


awsten: geoff

awsten: geoff respond to me

awsten: i've had this built up inside me for years and you're the person i trust the most and it's been eating away at me and i needed to tell you

awsten: geoff i haven't slept in days and i'm already clingy enough as it is please tell me you don't hate me

geoff: i don't hate you

geoff: why haven't you slept

awsten: can't

awsten: nothing works and they won't go away

geoff: what won't go away

awsten: it doesn't matter go back to sleep i'm sorry i bothered you

geoff: you don't bother me

geoff: please try to get some sleep

awsten: okay

awsten: goodnight

geoff: night


geoff lulls into a restful sleep minutes after that, while awsten stares at his ceiling. his vision becomes blurry and he sees shapes in the cracks of the tiles that aren't really there. he rubs his eyes, thinking about calling out from work in the morning, as he definitely won't be able to drive. 

he feels weak as he lifts his hand up in front of his face, looking at the shape and comparing it to that of the shapes he sees on the ceiling. he can't tell if it's his mind playing tricks on him or his lack of sleep that has caused him to see these things. 

awsten rolls onto his side and looks outside of his window out into the new york city streets. light snow is falling in the middle of december like it always does, and cars are driving past, their headlights shining brightly and lighting up his room for a second. i guess that's why they call it the city that never sleeps.

awsten weighs out the pros and cons of going to sleep that night, before passing out from exhaustion. he most definitely will not be going into work the next morning. 

as he lays there in his bed passed out, the dreams start again. 

he dreams about people he's never seen before who look like demons. their faces are distorted and unrecognizable. they're just staring at him. 

he can also tell that he's a lot shorter in this dream than he is in real life, as he's looking up at these demons. either that, or the demons are much taller than he is. 

their eyes are red, and large. except for the one in the middle, whose eyes are completely white and seem as if they're staring through him. whenever awsten tries to look away at anything and anywhere to escape their gaze, he's always snapped back to look at them.

the white eyed one reaches out an arm. their arm is long and it's fingers are jagged. he places his hand on his shoulder, and it feels like a burning knife. awsten's body jerks in his sleep. 

the red eyed demons are mumbling, something about awsten and about his past. as the demon grips onto awsten's shoulder, it feels like he's been stabbed all over, and then he realizes that the demon closely resembles his father. 

and he jolts awake. 

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