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I sit out on the balcony watching the sunset.
I hear Kate giggling in the background.
"Brain, stop!" Kate laughs.
I mentally roll my eyes and continue to watch the sun disappear.
I need to stop. I really am happy for Kate but seeing her and Brain together just makes me feel like crap. I want a relationship. Heck, I NEED a relationship. Brian and Kate always encourage each other to do great things.  I'm on week two of being graduated and I'm just sitting around moping trying to figure out what to do with my life...I have not even left the house. Brian already has a job and Kate has a job interview tomorrow which she should be prepping for. But she's talking to Brian who is probably giving her an awesome motivational speech. I need someone like that. I need someone who's going to encourage me to be a better person, to think big.
The only person I have in my life like that is Kate.
Thank God for her.
My parents, my parents are another story.
They always freaking choose my brother over me, why is that?
All my life.
He may go to a "better" school than me, and follow in dad's footsteps of being a doctor but that's no excuse.
Parents are suppose to love their kids regardless.
Growing up in Finn's shadow is the second worst thing besides death.
At least in my mind.
"Lynn, Lynn! Wake up!"
"Kate get your hands out of my face." I say while smacking them away.
"Sorry, I had to do something to break you free of your trance." She says pretending to put a spell on me. "Anyways I am going to order take out, do you want anything?"
"Um yea sure." I say.
"Ok. Hey, are you all good? You've been sitting out here for like an hour. You haven't even noticed that the Suns gone down." She says slightly laughing.
"Ha yea just thinking." I say embarrassed.
"Oh I forgot to tell you, you have an interview Friday morning."
"What?" I exclaim.
"Yeah. You've been saying how you've been looking online for some jobs and Brian has a friend who has an opening in the marketing department, and he got you an interview." She says smiling.
"Kate you don't have to do this." I say embarrassed...again.
I don't want any favors.
"Shut up I wanted to. You don't think that I haven't noticed that you've been kind of lost lately?"
"I'm just trying to figure stuff out, I wouldn't say that I'm lost." I defend.
"I just want time to look at my options."
"You will. On your lunch break." She smiles.
"If I even get the job." I scoff.
"You will! I'll help you prepare and everything!" She whines.
"Just say you'll do it."
"Fine. You win." I say putting my hands up.
"Yay!" She says clapping walking back inside.
"But if the boss is an ass I'm gonna kick yours." I yell.

Hmmm...I'm curious to find out about this job.
Hope you enjoyed part four 🙈

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