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I kick off my shoes and shove them aside.
I head to the kitchen and put all the groceries away.
I open up the Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
I shake some into a bowl and pour some milk on top.
I walk into the living room and sit on the couch.
God. Why can't I stop thinking about Ethan. This is pathetic. He has a girlfriend. Plus, I just met him. And it's not like we will ever see each other again... will we?
The sound of the door opening stops my pitiful thinking.
I see a messy Kate stumble through the doorway.
She throws her purse on the kitchen island.
I sigh,"The walk of shame." I smirk at her.
"So did you have a fun night?"
She giggles and jumps on the couch.
"I guess that's a yes then?" I say.
"Yes it's a yes!" She practically yells.
"Ok!" I say back in same tone.
"Details please." I say while wiggling my brows.
"So Brain took me to beautiful restaurant downtown. If only you could have seen it. Candles, dim lighting, a perfect sunset. Then after dinner we walked on the beach, awwwww it was just perfect. Just like a movie."
"Nice! However, that doesn't explain the messy hair, the sand all over your clothes, worn out makeup, and glowy complexion." I say in a mom voice.
"We fell asleep on the beach." She says.
I give her one of those seriously looks.
"We did Lynn." She says defensively.
"Whatever you say..." I say smiling while rolling my eyes.
Kate throws a pillow at my head.
I die of laughter.

Sorry I haven't updated. I got back from Seattle yesterday ❤️.

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