Do You Still Love Me?

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[Jaime's pov]

"You mother fuckers ready for this shit!!" I yelled through out the house. We were all packing for tour. Well, except for Tony who was STILL no where to be found. Mike was getting a little better but I think he only wanted to smile for the fans, I guess he didn't want the fans to see how broken he reall was. I couldn't blame him though, I would be the same way if I lost the one I loved, who shall not be named at this moment. 

I finished packing my things and ran down the stairs to see Mike and Vic already sitting on the couch waiting for the bus to come and pick us up. "So where's this new temporary guitarist I probably won't like?" I asked in a grumpy tone. Vic pointed his index finger to the kitchen. As if on que a girl with blonde hair came out. She had no piercing or tattoos, she was wearing all pink, and her shirt had the infinity sign on it. I looked at her in confusion. "What the fuck are you staring at?" She spat. I rose an eyebrow at her, "Definitely nothing pretty, that's for sure." I retorted, earning chuckles from Mike and Vic. The new bitchy guitarist rolled her eyes as she grabbed her bags and walked outside, "The bus is here dumb fucks!" She yelled. 

"Okay, who invited the bitch?" I asked, looking at Mike and Vic waiting for an explanation. Mike shrugged and Vic sighed. "The tour manager." I could tell Mike or Vic didn't particularly like her either. "Does she even know any of our fucking songs?" Mike asked in disgust as we all walked on the bus with bags in our hands. "If you must know, my brother taught me how to play guitar before he passed away. No, I don't like you guys' music but it's music." She growled. Mike put his hands up in defense. "That doesn't explain why you're such a bitch for no reason." Vic mumbled under his breath as he took a seat on the couch next to me. I chuckled and hit his arm. "What even is your name?" I asked, trying to get some useful information out of the blonde bitch. "Tasha, thanks for being some what polite to me." She said annoyingly. I shook my head and just ignored her the best I could. 

[Tasha's pov]

I was only being rude to the guys because I sort of had to. If they knew I actually loved their music and I used to cry to their music at night they'd probably call me a "Fangirl" and do something my whiny ass would cry over. Not to mention, I hated the clothes I was wearing and how I had to bleach my hair to blonde. This fake shit was seriously annoying me. The guys' been giving me rude remarks since I got here, but I wouldn't blame them, I mean I was being a huge bitch to them first. I sighed and got some real clothes out of my suitcase. I haven't even been here a full day and I was already done with these preppy clothes. I grabbed black skinny jeans, combat boots, and a Anthem made short sleeve shirt. I entered the bathroom and took off all the preppy clothes. I then put my normal clothes on and revealed some tattoo's I had on my arms. The boys couldn't see my tattoos before because I was wearing a long sleeve prep shirt. At this point, the prep clothes were too much and I frankly don't give a fuck if they see the real me now. yeah, I was nervous but oh well. I slid on some band bracelets to cover old and new scars from self harm. I was 3 months clean, thanks to the guys that were in this bus and Tony, where ever he was. 

I let my hair down out of the bun it was in to reveal it's wavyness. The only thing that wasn't back to normal about my appearance was my plugs. I took them out and really didn't wanna put them in at the moment. I opened the bathroom door and took a deep breath, here goes nothing. I heard a few gasps coming from the lounge as I walked out. I looked at them, this time was nicer. "What was that about?" I asked them. "What thing in the bathroom ate your preppy and bitchy soul?" Mike asked, amazed. I chuckled a little at his words. "Nothing, I've always been like I am now."  I answered his question. "But what happened to the prep clothes?" Vic asked me. "Uhm the garbage can ate them..?" I laughed. Some how they ended up asking me tons of questions. I explained my real self to them. Well, except the fact that their music saved my life and I was a self-harmer.

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