Dusty Memorabilia Part 48

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24th December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

I just sat back and watched as each piece of clothing which was packed very carefully was brought out into daylight and opened up very carefully for us all to have a look at. There were so many different outfits. 

Some were for day wear and then there were a few for going out to dinner or high tea kind of wearing.

I have to admit that they were quite lovely and I would imagine that the woman who actually wore them was a little taller than I was at five foot six and a half, but I think was a lot slimmer than me. Very slim I would think.

" Oh my word. I haven't seen clothes like that since I was a girl. They made them so well in those days and that's one of the reasons they have lasted as long as they did." Donna was saying and Jullianne was opening up what looked like a waist coated dress with underskirts to match.

It was a rich dark blue outfit that belonged to another era. An outfit that would have been an autumn worn outfit. To be honest, I think that these clothes would more or less fit young Donna like a glove since she was tall and slim. I met her earlier when she traipsed through the house a few times.

" Look. There are shoes here and a bag to match. Aren't they pretty?" Jullianne was saying as another younger voice popped into the conversation.

" Cool. We can play dress up again. I do so love those dresses I got from Gran all those years ago.We can have a fashion parade. What do you think Mum?" Donna , Jaxon's sister, went on to say to her mother who smiled at her after she came inside.

Donna was obviously named after her grandmother and it was easy to see that she looked like her too when she was a much younger woman. She has a quirky style with clothing and loves the forty and fifty's era's of fashion.

She was also eager to help her mother and other grandmother carefully pull out each piece of clothing from within the trunk and carefully arrange them over a chair she brought into the room specifically to lay the clothing over.

" I wonder if my father ever saw what was in these trunks?" I heard Joy mumble to herself.

We must have been about at the bottom of the trunk when we could hear some voices coming through one of the windows from the porch.

" Mind your own business, kid." We heard Barb snap at who I think would be Bella since they have a habit of arguing somewhat.

" SARAH.. BARB IS PICKING ON ME." Bella suddenly yelled out at the top of her lungs which I think everyone could very well and clearly hear.

Of course the yelling had everyone then stop what they were doing and listen in on the goings on which was happening out on the verandah, as they call their porches over here.

" You lying little bitch. I DID NOT. SHE'S LYING SARAH. DON'T LISTEN TO HER." We then heard Barb yell out through the window.

" It seems a bit odd having a couple of 'Yanks' arguing on the verandah." One of the men went on to say.

" It sure does make for a change, doesn't it?" Another voice pipped in to say with an amused tone to their voice. I think that was one of the twins who had arrived.

I think there was some muttering happening but we couldn't quite hear it. So I thought to throw my two cents worth in where they are concerned.

" DON'T LET ME COME OUT THERE YOU TWO. IF I DO, I WILL SLAP YOU BOTH." I yelled out to them causing both Donna and May to jump at my sudden yell through the window.

Of course, the Kingsley's were use to us all having these kinds of sparing with each other when yelling. But I don't think the other oldies were expecting it. But the giggles which started calmed my nerves down a little.

" JAXON HAS LAID CLAIM TO BARB. I HEARD HIM SAY IT." We then heard Bella screech out loud which I had to say stunned everyone for a moment before the chuckles and snickers along with the feminine giggles started.

" WE KNOW. IT WASN'T HALF HARD TO MISS WITH HIM FOLLOWING HER AROUND SINCE SHE GOT HERE." Joy and Jullianne both yelled out along with a couple of others.

I had a quick look out the window to see that Jullianne's son Jaxon was leaning against one of the porch poles with his arms crossed as he smiled at Barb. The look on his face was one I was familiar with when it comes from Reid.

I also see it on Jack's face when he looks at Jen as well.

So I guess it must be true about the Joifield's knowing who their true soul mates are when they come across them.

We had nearly emptied the trunk, or the others did when one of the little one's came in and said they were hungry. Then I saw everyone carefully, but quickly repack the trunk and set it aside.

When a little one needs attention, it's time to give them all attention.

So the men and women divided up and dinner was then begun with the men outside cooking on the barbecue's and the women getting the side dishes ready from a plain garden salad to pasta bakes, vegie bakes and potato bakes.

What surprised us was that Barb had decided to stay over for the night. It looked like Jaxon had talked her into it. Of course, Bella complained about it the whole way back to the motel that night. But she was in bed and snoring her head off in no time at all.

Tomorrow we were going to do a little sightseeing before heading out the Teddy's and Donna's for dinner again.

The Kingsley's and Gran had decided to stay at the motel instead of coming out with us the next afternoon. And I don't blame them either. It has been a bit tiring with all the physical activity that's been happening over the past few days.

Plus, the Kingsley's had a few things to do themselves downtown which May offered to take them. May was such a lovely person and I can only imagine that everyone she has had that has come through her life has made her the lovely person she is today.

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