Chapter 2- Big News

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Dedicated to Nahid Ahmed- aruthortheking

I'm back!!!! hasn't been a long time. Anyways, in this chapter, Percy is still on his way. Grover, Annabeth, Jason, and Piper are at Camp Half-Blood. Hazel and Frank are at Camp Jupiter considering that Frank is praetor alongside Reyna. This will mainly focus on Annabeth and how she is dealing with everything.


Annabeth POV

Percy left me again. That dummy. It's been a couple months since he left, and I still don't know how to deal with it. The others weren't doing too well, either.

Jason, Piper, Grover and I haven't been doing much since the disappearance. There's a constant mood lingering within the camp now that their hero is gone. It's filled with eerie silence and gloom.

That's it for chapter 2!!!!! Yes I knowi it was kind of rushed. I just wanted to get this chapter out as soon as possible. It took me a while to think of where to go with this chapter, but it happened!!!! And Im sorry for the typos, but once again, Im trying to get this one out as soon as I can. I wsnt to start chapter 3 bc a lot is going to happen!! Thanks a lot i love you all!!! Stay updated, I'll post chapter three very soon!!

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