It's Good To Be Home

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It was 3 in the afternoon and my big brother Drew had me cruising the city with him, Shit I ain't mind because my nigga finally home and I miss my big brother, he taught me everything there is to know about anything you could think of. My nigga did 3 years in the pen, that shit really broke me seeing my moms cry the way she did almost every night, I had to step up and be the man around the house since my dad wasn't there. We had a lot to catch up on most definitely because them letters and visits just wasn't enough for me, just my big bro being here is ode. Through it all Drew remained solid, he never folded under pressure that nigga was and always will be a real one.

''Damn it feel good to be home baby bro.''Drew said taking a hit from his blunt. I can't believe I actually let that nigga smoke in my car he knew I didn't play that shit in my whip, but I figured since he just got out I guess I'll let his ugly ass slide.

''You wanna hit?''Drew said trynna hand me the blunt.

''Nah, B you know I don't fuck with that.'' I said pushing the blunt away from me. He knew that though, I never been a weed smoker plus my moms would kill my ass.

''Aww yeah I forgot you a lame. ''He said laughing.

''Yeah whatever nigga. Where am I taking yo bucket head ass anyways though? We already been to the mall, barber shop, and corner store. What now? I'm getting tired of driving yo ass around damn .'' I said shaking my head.

''Chill B , You know I had to get right and see my people. It was only right baby bro.''He said laughing and hitting his blunt.

''Nigga where am I taking you like I said the fuck I look like yo personal drive hoe?''

''Take me to my girl house I know she waiting on a nigga. It's been a minute since I laid pipe a nigga can't wait to fall in some pussy.''He said with a smirk.

I busted out laughing. ''You mean yo baby mama? I don't think shorty wanna see you.''I said.

''Nigga what you mean?''He said looking over at me.

''Last time her and moms talked she said she was done with yo black ass and that she just wanted you to have a relationship with Brooklyn that's it.'' I said exaggerating a little bit, but oh well.

''Man, she just mad at a nigga right now. I'll set her ass straight when I go see her and my daughter believe that, Asia ass ain't going no where.''He said with a slight attitude while I laughed in his face.

''My niggga in his feelings like a motha fucka.'' I said still laughing, God forbids if Asia ever get a new nigga Drew gone lose his mind. He in love with that girl and it's been that way since forever.

''Nigga fuck you get off my dick. But what was with you and shorty from last night?''He said with a smirk.

''That's my shorty.''I simply stated driving to Asia's place.

''Oh word? How long y'all been kicking it?''

''For a little minute why?''

''No reason, she a good looking girl. You hit yet?''He asked all in my business.

''Nigga why? How bout you worry about Asia and I'll worry about mines.''

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