Bonus Chapter: A Day in Kosei's World.

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Takeshi ran out of the practice room. Emi sighed, some things never did change. "Where is he?!" Takeshi growled as he ran through the crown of competitors for the day. Even as he ran by people there were whispers.

"Kosei just arrived!"  "This is my first competition with him in it."  "There is no way he is as good as everyone says he is."  "I'm so nervous! He is going to beat all of us for sure."

Takeshi let a growl past his lips, did no one else in this competition have any fire in them? They let the reputation of one player define if they were going to win or lose. "I'm not going to lose." He said as he opened the doors to the main hallway, meeting eyes with Kosei. "I won't lose to you!"

-Kosei Pov-

I walked around, my music help tightly against my chest. The performance nerves were already rising as I looked for the hall where I would wait for my turn. I had already signed in and gotten my number, I was the last one in my division. Which was both good and bad. "Your number 15? Your the last one in your ranking!" Honey said looking at the number on my folder I had received. "That's good right? You will be fresh on the judges minds!" One of the twins said looking down at me. "Y-yea but-" Tamaki stepped up, interrupting me. "Yea, but it also means that the judges have already listened to a lot of other performers! He will have to be at the top of his game for the judges to be impressed." I sighed, Tamaki was right. "I'm sure you will be have been working so hard on this song." Haruhi said patting my back. I smiled. "Yea, thanks." I said smiling to her. I heard a pair of doors open behind us and I turned, meeting eyes with Takeshi. "I wont lose to you!" He shouted pointing right at me. I smiled. "Same fire as always I see." I said walking up to him. "Don't act like some damn super star! Just because everyone is gossiping about you back stage doesn't mean your the best here!" He said, fire behind his eyes. "K-Kosei - who is this?" One of the twins asked, looking concerned. "Oh guys. This is Takeshi. He and I have been competing against each other since we were children." I said introducing my new friends to an old one. "I see, old rivals." Kyoya said writing something down in his notebook. I smiled. I knew having the host club here would be a bit hectic. But things seemed to be going smoothly so far. "Don't look so damn calm and happy! I can see right past you! Your nervous just like the rest of us!" Takeshi said grabbing my collar. I nodded. "Yea, now that I'm here its starting to get bad. We better go in the back and get Emi here yet?" I asked. Takeshi growled and pulled me through the doors. "Duh! And she is blushing over you in the back like usual!" I turned and waved to the host club as the doors shut, hopefully they wouldn't make to much of a mess before my performance.

-Haruhi Pov-

"Kosei's old friend has your name Takeshi!" Honey said as he rode on Mori's shoulders. the tall boy grunted in agreement as we looked for the performance room Kosei would be in. "I guess it makes since for Kosei to know a few people from performances....but the friendship with Takeshi seemed a bit - odd." Hikaru said looking thoughtful. "Any relationship in this kind of environment would seem a bit strange don't you think?....I think that Kosei and his friend have a very unique relationship. I'm not sure friendship is the right word for it. Maybe a healthy rival is a better fit?" Tamaki said looking ahead, hands in his pockets as he looked around at everyone. I blinked, he was doing that thing again. Something that I had only seen Tamaki do. He was observing. Seeing more about the people in front of him then anyone else....he may act light headed, but he was very good at reading people. "Ah, here we are. Let's go get some good seats now. Kosei is very nervous so we want him to hear us cheering him on." out leader said walking into an auditorium that was slowly filling up, there was a judges table in the very front row. "I don't know boss. He didn't seem very nervous to me." Kaoru said leaning into his brother. "You didn't see his hands shaking?" Tamaki asked turning to face us. "Nope, but it's reasonable. These type of competition settings can be very stressful." Kyoya said taking a seat. I smiled, taking a seat by Tamaki, yea he wasn't nearly as dumb as he seemed to be.

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