[3] The Cullen Family

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Chapter Three

Chapter Three

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BELLA STARED out the cafeteria windows. Six figures made their way towards the doors and she caught a brunettes eyes through the window.

"Bells?" Amelia's concerned voice came from across the table. "What are ya lookin' at, sis?"

Bella looked at her sister quickly before turning towards Jessica and Angela, "Who are they?" She nodded her head their way.

Angela glanced to the window and suppressed a giggle. "The Cullen's."

"They're Dr and Mrs Cullen's foster kids. They moved down here from Alaska like, a few years ago." Jessica said.

"They kind of keep to themselves." Angela put in, glancing at Amelia who was seemingly off in her own world.

"Yeah, 'cause they're all together. Like,
together, together." Jessica said as two god like teenagers entered. "The blonde haired girl, that's Rosalie and the big dark-haired guy Emmett, they're like a thing."

"Jess." Angela started. "They're not actually related.

"Yeah, but they live together, it's weird."

"Married people live together." Amelia's dreamy voice joined the conversation. Angela jumped, not realizing the girl was listening.

"But they aren't married!" Jessica argued.

"Do you know that? They could be for all you know. But they probably get enough judgment as it is so they don't broadcast it."

Jessica huffed before turning back around, "And, okay, the little dark haired girl's Alice. She's really weird." Jessica's eyes flickered towards Amelia, who was adjusting her crown. "She's with Henry, the red head who's very boring."

"They compliment each other nicely then." Amelia said, admiring the couple.

"Then that's Jasper, the blonde one who always looks like he's in pain."

"I'm in pain listening to your negativity." Amelia muttered, distracting herself by playing with the hem of her dress, not bothering to look up.

"What?" Jessica asked, thinking she must have misheard the girl.

"Who's he?" Bella asked, taking the attention off of her sister.

Amelia took this time to look at the family again. She took her first look at Jasper and admittedly found him very attractive and felt drawn to him.

She saw the blonde girl Rosalie, she was super gorgeous and made Amelia feel insecure about her smudged makeup and mismatched socks suddenly. I'll have to paint her sometime Amelia thought.

The boy, Emmett was huge, though it was mostly muscle. He was attractive, but not Amelia's type.

The girl, Alice, was looking at Amelia and Bella with an excited expression. When she saw Amelia staring she gave her a smile and Amelia waved, letting Alice see the drawings on the back of her hand.

Her boyfriend, Henry, sat picking at his food. He was very fashionable, but Amelia assumed that Alice probably made him dress that way-and she was unknowingly right.

The boy who Bella was already interested in seemed to be silently brooding and also listening intently to the tables conversation.  Not Amelia's type either.

Amelia soon enough went back into her own word. She was only pulled back into the sad reality they lived in when the bell rang and Bella shook her shoulder to get her attention.


Henry ^

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Henry ^

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