Confessing your feelings

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After coming back from big hit began to think how to confess your feelings towards wanted to tell him but you were scared...You never loved anyone this never felt like this for anyone...

You:aishhhh what should i do

You just close your eyes and imagines about him
Thats what you do everyday when you misses him when you are imagine his smile..his smile gives you life

You:ok i will confess doesn't need to be both sides...i can love him even if he doesn't*sighs*

You slept thinking about him...
In the morning you were lil nervous but you were determined to confess yours feeling towards you dressed yourself in a swaggy style...and went big hit as you planned...
There you saw all of them were already waiting for you

There you saw all of them were already waiting for you

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You: am i late*trying to smile*

Jimin: yea you are*gives certain look*

You:oh sorry*laughs*

Suga; yaaa how can you laugh after making mistake.*stares*we never waited anyone this long

You: ahh sorry for that*he is rude how can i fall in love with him aishhh*

Jin: its lets go we are already late...

Everyone : nae lets go

[Ahhh you look everyone's happy face,but suga he is not that happy]
You: *my bad* sighs

After travelling for an hour all of you reached picnic spot...

Ahhh you feel happy seeing their smile....

Suddenly someone called you....

Ahhh its Jimin
You: yea what???

Jimin: should i help you*teases you*

You: aniyo i can handle*shy smile*

Jimin: Omo you are brave huh*laughs*

You: yea i am..ok m goin...

You leave Jimin...

And what now...... trying to go near Yoongi..

You: ahhh this place is really beautiful i have never been in such beautiful place...*smiles*

Suga: yea its beautiful...but i would prefer sleeping rather than visiting such places..

You: ahhhh m lazy...but i ain't lazy as much as you...i love to sleep but loves to travel more

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