Looking Ahead

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I can't believe what he did, too our own mate. He had no right to mistreat such a perfect mate with the heartless treatment he did, but it is all over now, Rylan is my mate now. The thought brought a smiled to my face, my little mate was so adorable and so responsive to what I did.

I walked back into the bathroom to see Rylan staring at himself in the mirror, I watched as he was completely engrossed at looking at his body. As if it was all new to him, and then I began to wonder, how long was he down there?

"Rylan?" he turned around suddenly staring at me with those huge innocent green eyes of his. "How long did Linus keep you down there?" I asked him gently as I wrapped the softest towel could find around his frail body. Instantly, I regretted asking him, his face fell and I could tell that he was reliving his time down there.

"I was down there for around three months" he admitted, and with that, I felt my anger begin to build, I was going to murder my brother. But before I could start plotting his demise, two small hands were placed on either side of my face, sparks shooting from where they touched. Rylan brought my face close to his before speaking "It"s over now, I'm okay" he reassured me and my tiger.

I lifted him into my arms, causing him to let out a squeak of surprise as I carried him into my bedroom and placed on my bed. He looked so beautiful, spread out on my bed like an offering, I could feel my cock start to harden at the thought of taking him right here. But I couldn't, I wanted him as far away from Linus as possible. With that thought I went over to my dresser, grabbing any clothes that were too small for me before putting on my own.

"Here, lift your arms" I instructed as I turned to Rylan, he looked at me skeptically before doing what I said. I placed the shirt over him, only for it to slip off one of his shoulders and end at his thighs. I chuckled as he seemed to drown in my shirt before sliding the shorts on him and tightening the drawstring. He looked absolutely delectable in my clothes, and he had no idea just how sexy he was.

"What were you talking about earlier?" he asked while attempting to keep the shirt on right.

"What do you mean?" I inquired as I sat by him and pulled him atop lap to straddle me. "The thing about leaving, when you were talking to that man" I stared up at him, reveling in his beauty before answering.

"I was planning on moving out of the states with you, I won't kill my brother, but I am damn sure that I don't want him around you" I stated honestly as I slipped my hand under his shirt to sweep my fingers along his back. He shivered before weakly asking "Are you sure you don't want to stay here, I mean after all this is your home. I can just leave so you-".

"No, You're  Mine, Only Mine" I growled as my tiger took over, flipping Rylan over onto the bed until his lay on his stomach before I began to run my nose along his shoulder and neck. Taking in his woodsy scent that was absolutely irresistible, loving how he shivered in response to my touch.

"I won't let you leave, I've been waiting for you for seven years, and there is no way letting you leave now" I purred as he pressed his back against my chest, rubbing his taut little ass against my crotch. Yes, there was no way I was letting him out of my sight.

"So where are we going," he asked as he picked at his food. I had packed the car up at five a.m. before carrying him to the car in order to avoid seeing my brother as we left. And as soon as he woke up, I stopped at a diner to get some breakfast, which Rylan was barely eating.

"I'll tell you where we are going when you finish your plate" I bargained, he was far too skinny, and I wanted him to get used to eating properly again. "But I can't, I'm full, please tell me where we are going, please," he said, throwing me the puppy eyes when I didn't budge. I sighed as those vivid verdant eyes full of happiness met mine, pleading for me to give in.

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