1 | Parents, Panties and Parties

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'Why can't you just be normal', my mother huffs at me as she folds the clothes.

I roll my eyes.

'Shut up mom', I scoff at her and grab my mocha colored lipstick, facing myself in the mirror.

'You look like a prostitute. You can see everything in that outfit young lady. I did not raise you to be some stupid trashy bitch', my strict mum scolds me.

How dare she. I ignore her and get myself ready in front of the mirror. I don't really care what my mum says about me, I know she's disappointed but I mean this is what teenagers do, wear make up and cute clothes. My mum never cared about me anyways.
A part of me craves for her to just understand me or at least to stop thinking of all the negative things about me, but really there's nothing good about me.

But does wearing a black lacey bra and denim shorts make me a slut?
Hell no.

While I put all my make up back in the case, Suddenly my mum looks at me bewildered. 'Excuse me Lola Cortella! This is utterly appalling. What is this doing in the laundry?', my mum looks disgusted as she lifts up my lacy g-string from the pile of laundry.

I quickly think of a lie.

'I don't know maybe Stacy left it here', I Iie to her face as I continue.

'Stacey, Your older sister left last month ago for Uni. Plus she would not be wearing something as racy as this. Just because you are turning 16 in a month, doesn't mean you can act like this', she lectures.

But oh mother you don't know the shit my so called "innocent" older sisters does. I'm not even half as bad as Stacey is. I remember last autumn she came back to the house with red Louis Vuitton heels and a matching purse.

I asked her where she got them and how on earth could she afford such luxurious items.

'Paycheck', she replied nonchalantly, even though she worked at the supermarket, she couldn't have had that much money for those, but I knew who it was from.

My three sisters including me are such compulsive liars. The Cortella sisters are great at getting boys, cash and pretty genes. We can get away with anything! I lie to my mum with a straight face and I don't even feel guilty about it. Life's too sweet.

Stacey my older sister is an ordinary brunette and she's 19 years old. She seems so sweet and kind, she gets straight A's and is a normal happy 19 year old but she's actually an escort.  I remember she said that she is going to France for a school trip and made fake reports from the school. But really she was accompanying a rich man for a two week holiday. He paid for their flight, paid for hotels and even paid for her shopping trip. She didn't even need to pay a single cent. All her guys would pay her for everything. She even got paid $600 to go on a dinner date. Just to go there and eat food and talk to a guy. All you need to be an escort is to be pretty and have a good body and personality and these people pay for everything whether dates, or if their lonely and need a friend or just someone to accompany them to places. And Stacey is insanely gorgeous. We all are but she's the prettiest sister. I hate to admit this but I'm so jealous of her.
She has amazing contoured cheekbones and her eyelashes flare along like extensions but theyre real. My dad is Spanish so she has taken on his genes while I've taken on both my mums And dads side. I kinda miss Stacey now, she's in Uni but she used to always give me money and go to the mall together and we could talk about anything. She used to give the best advice. But we would have to hide the money obviously so our parents won't be suspicious.

But I earn my own money using other ways anyway.

I grab the phone and run upstairs.

7 missed calls from Ari.

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