Imagine #1 Part 2

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Sorry that I haven't updated in forevaaaaaaaaaa, school has been rlly getting to me, and my depression is coming back. But I hope y'all will enjoy this image! And TYGSFM FOR 1k READS!! I honestly never thought my book would even get this far. 😂 And also thank you for all your kind comments. I've gotten a lot better in writing, since all I do in school is write and type essays and stories, so hopefully my imagines improve. :) Hope you guys enjoy this imagine, cause I'm supposed to be working out right now. Thank you guys again!! ❤❤

*Y/N's POV* (btw you guys have developed a pretty strong relationship as friends.)

As, you were waiting in line to get Starbucks with y/b/f/n, you were texting Marcus (If you like Martinus then switch the boys) and y/b/f/n was texting her boyfriend, Martinus. Ever since that concert where they gave you their phone numbers, you texted them 24/7 even though you probably knew that it was annoying. You've facetimed Marcus a few times, but you wanted to see him in person, not on a screen. You hadn't realized that you started tearing up till now.

Finally, it was your turn to order, "I'll have a strawberries and cream frappe, with 1 scoop of vanilla bean powder, 1 pump of mocha syrup, topped with whipped cream and mocha drizzle (aka neapolitan frappe). Thank you!". After you and y/b/f/n got your drinks and paid, you decided to go sit outside in the sunny weather. Y/b/f/n suggested to take some tumblr pics, so you guys did.  Y/b/f/n took some pictures of you, they were really good. " Damn, you should really be a model y/n!", she keeps telling you that, cause you had gotten a opportunity to model, you didn't know whether to decline or not, you haven't told Marcus yet. "Yeah...", you mutter, looking at something else on the screen. Y/b/f/n followed you gaze. In the picture there was a boy, he looked so familiar, and had the same haircut as Martinus. You guys looked up from the phone, then y/b/f/n started shrieking, "OMG, TINUS IS THAT YOU BABY!!" Then she ran up to him, and hugged him, Martinus kissed her on the cheek. As, y/b/f/n and Martinus were talking you realized that Marcus wasn't with Martinus. "Hey, Martinus where's Mac?", you asked. "Oh he's back in Norway working on a music video with Anastasia, sorry y/n.", he replied. "Oh", is all you could manage. You couldn't help but wonder if Marcus was doing things (not dirty things, ya perverts) with that "Anastasia", she has said thing about you before. You had always felt insecure about yourself.

All of sudden, your vision turned black. "Guess who?", you knew that voice from anywhere. You turned around and saw Marcus! He then pulled you into a bear hug. "I missed you so much", Marcus whispered in your ear. "I missed you too." "Hey bro!", didn't think you were gonna make it!." You smiled. "So what happened with the music video?", you asked. Well, I declined it. You were so happy to hear that. Then you started tearing up.

*Marcus's POV*

Y/n started crying again, "Stop crying y/n, what's wrong?", you asked. "It's just that I finally get to see you in person, rather than on a screen, I missed you so much." "Don't worry, I won't be going  that soon, I'll never leave you." Y/n gave me a confused look. You took both her hands, and said, "Y/f/n y/l/n, I will never leave you alone again. Since the day, I laid my eyes on you, I knew you were the one. I love your personality and charisma. I can always be my true self around you. Seeing your smile always makes me smile. Whatever you're going through, I will now always go through it with you. 7 months without seeing you and touching you in person was fuckin hell for me. I can't live without you. I love you so much y/n, will you be my girlfriend?

*Y/n's POV*

As Marcus finished saying that, I started bawling my eyes out. "Yes Marcus, I will be your girlfriend, omg I love you so fuckin much baby!!" You stared into his eyes, to see them staring back at you. Marcus then kissed you passionately on the lips.

(Sorry for the foul language, and yes y/n eventually did tell Marcus about the model offer, he was happy for you, and told y/n to take the offer. He was gonna support you no matter what, so you did it.)

Word Count: 825

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