Chapter 55

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“Do you remember the last time that you and I were here?” Evelyn asked gently, looking over to Harry with a wide grin on her face as the two sat beside each other, watching the sun set on the sixth day of her vacation with her family...

Only one more day before she has to journey back to the Royal City, and frankly, Evelyn didn’t know if she was scared or excited.

“The last time?” Harry hummed, “I believe that last time that both of us were here was when I saved you from jumping off this very cliff over a year ago?”

Evelyn nodded; remembering that day like it was yesterday. It was so long ago, and yet it seemed like yesterday. “Isn’t ironic how I had almost lost my life that morning if it wasn’t for you? If you hadn’t saved me, I wouldn’t be alive, and none of this drama would exist… everyone would continue on their life as normal.”

She placed her head in her palms and her elbows on her knees as she reminisced the past year. From the moment that Zayn had summoned her to the Royal City till sitting with Harry, watching the sunset from the cliff where she had almost died. Things had changed… drastically, to say the least. And sure, she wanted to change a lot about what had happened, but she couldn’t.

Once again, she was reminded that the life that was spinning out of control, the life that belonged to her, was the life that she had no power over.

“I thank my lucky stars every day I took that specific route that day and heard your cry… don’t know what the world be like if I hadn’t.” Harry replied and adverted his gaze from the sunset to her illuminated face.

‘What would the world be like without me?’ She wondered.

“You should have seen the future that I saw, that world… if you think he’s a cruel King now, you should see the future that I saw after you died…” Venice’s words echoed in her ears, and Evelyn began to wonder if she really was as important that Venice and Harry make her out to be.

In her eyes, she was just a normal girl from a human family, nothing special ran in her blood, she was very lucky to live the life that she does, but that was about it. She had no special talent; sometimes she wondered to herself what Zayn even sees in her. But that question was already answered.

Her soul.

“Did you enjoy your stay with your family?” Harry asked with a smile on his face, hesitantly, he took her hand into his; as a gesture of comfort. “Was it everything that you had hoped for?”

Evelyn didn’t answer at first.

For a few moments, she just stared blankly at the setting sun, resting her hand against Harry’s before squeezing it, as to return the gesture. “I don’t know. I’ve been away for so long that all I could think about was home, my family. I missed them, and it was truly beautiful to see them once again but…” She looked down. “I just wish things would go back to the way they were before Zayn, before vampires and witches walked into my life… That’s the life that I truly missed.”

Harry nodded. “You just want a normal life don’t you? You want Ethan; you want the life that you dreamt of, the life without Zayn, without me.”

Evelyn nodded in comformation. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?” Harry asked

“For not giving Zayn a chance, for not trying to love him, as much as I knew I should, I couldn’t forgive him for all the horrible things that he had done, not only to me, but to my family, to Ethan, to his family… just everything. I don’t know how I could possibly find myself loving a man as cruel as him.” Evelyn confessed. The memories of the night of her birthday, when her and Ethan sneakily met and shared a few stolen kisses, the night before Evelyn felt like her life was a dead end, like she had nothing to live for… Those memories still haunted her during the dark of the night.

She remembered that furiously look on Zayn’s face, and how he had threw Ethan away like a ragged doll. That violence, his need of pure dominance over everything and everyone, that was his downfall. If he had been gentle, been loving, took things slow and tried to woe her, maybe things wouldn’t be as much as a mess as they were then.

“It’s not your fault, Eve. You are only eighteen, still too young comparing to me and Zayn. He had lived for millenniums after millenniums. I lost count of the times that I told him to relax and stop letting his anger control him, but it never worked. When he wants something, he either gets it, or he will destroy it. Thankfully, that’s not the case with you,” he chuckled humorously.

Evelyn laughed as well. “I just wish I can turn back time, to when Nora liked me, when I had nothing to worry about beside from how to keep my sister from making all the wrong decisions, and how to help my dad carry his businesses on my shoulders and continue the Blackburn legacy.”

Harry shook his head in amusement. “You still think about Nora, why does her opinion of you matter so much to you?” Casually, Harry draped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer. “I guess she’s also the reason why you hadn’t enjoy this visit as much as you’d expect to?”

Evelyn nodded. “I’ve had fun, being home with them, and revisiting the town, seeing people who watched me grew up… but I don’t know. I never had friends, and Nora wasn’t only my sister, but my best friend in a way. I thought she would never leave me, never desert, never…” her voice broke, and before Evelyn knew it, she was crying.

No. No. No. She thought. Stop it Evelyn, you can’t cry again, you have to stay strong, be brave, you are not a kid anymore! She wanted to hit herself for being a cry baby all the time, because if she had a dollar for every time that she cried, she would be a very rich girl; maybe even richer than Zayn.

“You know, I don’t get how you could be so emotional and gentle, when your sister is so… heartless.” said Harry, wiping away her tears. “At times I wonder if Zayn and Nora should be a pair, since both of them lack of a conscience and sympathy.”

Evelyn almost laughed, surprised how he had took the words right out of her mouth, over the past few weeks she had lost count of how many times that Zayn notice Nora instead of herself, and how he would love Nora instead of herself. “The world would be perfect then.”

Harry smiled and hugged her tighter. The sun was disappearing in the horizon, and he knew it was time. “But I guess opposites attract. After all, you are exactly what he’s missing, a conscience, a compassionate heart; a soul. Maybe the reason that you feel so much emotion is because you have over two thousand years of it stocked up inside of you.”

“What did you say?” Evelyn look up at Harry without confused and watery eyes.

“I think it’s time, I need to take you to a place, Evelyn. Venice will be waiting for us.”


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