Prologue, Part 2 ~ Assembling The Team

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/Same day; 8:20 am, Lawton Family's Residence - Bedroom ~ Arthur Lawton's POV/

My eyes opened once again when something suddenly came to my mind.

"Huh...?" I whispered. I checked my watch to know what time is it. "8:20? Huh, I guess I must've fallen asleep again..."

I had a hard time moving my legs and arms, so it took me a while to get off of bed. Eventually and finally, I got off and slipped on my old favorite bunny slippers Evie bought me when we were young.

"I'm surprised you still fit..." I commented on it, stretching my back to ease walking. I fixed my bed and went to the door.


"Artie! Hey, Artie!" Then a giggle.

My eyes widened and I looked back see nothing. I could've sworn I heard her...

Hesitantly, I decided to shrug it off.

"I'm imagining her again..."

Living alone is not exactly happy. Made worse when you're turning 45 years old in April 1... And my birthday is April Fool's day... And I'm not even happy? Very ironic...

Anyway, I was at the kitchen, finding some ingredients so I could cook. I had my hand on my back to support me when I stood on the tip of my toes to reach the cupboard. Finally reaching at least the edge of it, I swung it open to find a box of flour.

"Flour...flour..." I whispered as I looked at the cupboard. "Nothing."

Huh. I only eat pancakes for breakfast. Well, I guess I have to buy some...

I went to my fridge to check if there's any milk, sugar, eggs, butter, pancake syrup and blueberries. Opening it, I found...

"Nothing..." Again. "What happened to all my supplies...?" I wondered. I don't really think I eat a lot since...I'm not really fat. Oh well.

Of course, before going outside, I have to take a bath and change. Because I really smell now... You didn't need to know that--Anyway!

With already tired legs, I went to the bathroom to take a bath.

That was some bath. Very relaxing. You gotta enjoy the littlest of things sometimes, they say.

Using a towel, I wrapped myself up in case someone barges in my house and see me naked. Oh, they don't want to see this wrinkled body of mine. Man, I hate being old...

I went to my room again and in front of the mirror by the dresser. Touching the wrinkles on my face, I groaned in frustration. Just why can't I stay young forever?

That question lingered in my mind as I put on my clothes. They were just a pair of old, black pants, the sky blue shirt that I loved so much (It has a rabbit on it with a carrot and Evie gave this to me too), underwear (Of course), and my slippers (Again). I'm surprised the shirt still fits on me...

If I were younger and stayed like that...I wouldn't have trouble finding Evie... I stared at the mirror again... All I see are flashbacks... Flashbacks of Evie and I's sweet moments...Evie and I's arguments...Evie and I's time together... And then I saw those flashbacks...different ones... They were the times when I was trying to find her... All by myself...

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