"Hello Amelia."

Dodger's even expression greeted her, after she knocked on Sebastian's door.


As she crossed the threshold, she reached out and tugged on Dodger's sleeve.

"Dodger, is he okay?" she asked, quietly, looking to where sat. "I feel like he's been off all week. At the very least, distracted."

Sebastian sat in the living room, his fingers tangled in his hair. Dodger glanced towards the couch, a distant look darting across his face.

"He's fine," he said, breezily.

"You sure?"

"Amelia what you have to understand is that Bash pours himself into his music. It's the thing that helps him out of hard situations. But there's also a down side to it as well. Putting himself so much into his songs means he has to deal with tough emotions at times. Listening to those emotions over and over again can be kind of difficult."

Dodger's gaze was intent upon her.

"Like everyone else he has his ups and downs," he said. "This week just might be a down week. You understand?"

Amelia nodded.


Dodger walked back to the living room, stopping in front of Sebastian.

"Bash, Amelia is here. Go work with her and we can finish this song later," Dodger said.


Sebastian's hand fell from his hair and he gave Dodger a blank look.

"Amelia is here."

Sebastian swiveled towards Amelia. She greeted his look with a small wave.

"Right. I don't like the song. We'll start something else," Sebastian said.

"Go work with Amelia," Dodger said.

Amelia trotted up to Sebastian's side as he moved down the hallway and into the music room.

"Hi," Amelia said.

Sebastian nodded in response, his expression clouded. He sat on the arm rest, his face wore the same tired, distant look it had all week. Amelia wondered again, for what felt like the hundredth time, whether he was getting any sleep at all.

His hair was a mess, like his hands had gone through it looking for solutions to his problems too many times. His blue eyes held a worn look that disappeared only when he forced himself to focus. The more Amelia had watched him the last three days, she could see that behind the look was a million and one thoughts pulling his attention every which way.

"What's next?" Amelia asked, sitting down at the drums.

The blue eyes took a beat longer to focus on her, and still there was a brief pause.

"Thunderstorm," Sebastian said.

"Okay then."

They had finished Walking this World with You the day before, to Amelia's utter relief. With Sebastian's new tired and distracted state the process had seemed to take longer than usual.

Sebastian picked up the cherry wood guitar. The curve of the smooth wood settling onto his leg seem to have a calming effect on him. When he looked at her, the worn look was less apparent. The strum of the song was quick and steady, flowing with the lyrics. Sebastian's voice was low as he sang about getting caught in a thunderstorm, the thrill of being surrounded by chaotic lightening and rushing rain; about having no where to go, needing to leave but wanting to stay.

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