Cold outside, warm inside 2

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The moon was shining more than ever that night. At least it seemed so when two persons, who were once good friends, than strangers, met. They met in the shadow of the old bridge, full of memories. If this bridge, or this river, could talk, they would speak about people falling in love, breaking up, about tears fallen into the river and footsteps that ran madly on the bridge. They could tell the whole story about the city.

Jonathan couldn't believe his eyes. The person he once talked to every day was now crying in front of him. Obviously, really hurt. Like she was left alone in this world. That's what he saw in her eyes. For a few brief moments he just stood there. "There's nothing I can do now. Shit!" - Johnny was scared, confused and amazed at the same time. He wanted to ask something... He just couldn't find the words. The relationship they once had was long gone and he's not in a position to ask personal questions. At least, it wouldn't be polite after all these time. Or?

"God why do you hate me?" - first thought in Elizabeth's mind. Like Johnny, Ellie couldn't believe her eyes either. Suddenly all her emotions wanted to come out screaming. She was hurt before he came, but he only made her cry even more. Why? She didn't have the answer to that. Was it time to go or to stay and explain herself? Ellie wanted to explain everything, from the message she accidentally sent, through the madness and rudeness towards him to this night, when he found her crying like a baby in the dark. She wanted this all to go away. On the other hand she thought that she shouldn't justify herself to him. It was a vicious circle.

- Hi. - He started carefully.

- Hi. - Her voice was shaking.

- So... I don't think "What's up?" will do it. How about you tell me what's wrong? - He wanted to make her more comfortable and at the same time get something out of her.

- She smiled. The first time today. Or this week. She couldn't remember. - Umm... I really don't want to talk about it. You have enough problems without me, I'm sure. - Her tears were starting to fall again.

- Hey, I wouldn't ask if I had no intention to help. Please, let me help you. - Suddenly he felt like it's his mission to make this girl happy again. And he was going to make it happen.

- I had a fight with my father. Nothing unusual. - Sadly, it was true. - I just needed some time alone to think. To calm down. I'm fine. Really. - For a minute she sounded confident, like she actually believes that. Then her tear dropped on her T-shirt.

- You're not. I see that. You know, I'm not that stupid as you obviously see me. - Johnny's voice became more serious. He remembered all this time when they were apart, when he was her worst enemy. 

- Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that. I just wanna go home now. I'm cold. And my mum must be worried by now. - Any excuse was good to avoid talking to him.

- OK, can I take you home? - He forgot that he came to run here, his car was left at home.

- No, really, I'll go now. - She was screaming from the inside. She wanted to hug him or to run away. Ellie wasn't sure. It would be easier to leave him. For her and for him.

- I'll walk you home! It's dark, you're alone and it's not safe, you know that. - He knew he was telling the truth but there was something more behind it. He needed her friendship back in his life.

- Oh, God, you just won't let it go, right? - Johnny nodded his head. - Fine. you can walk me home.

- Here, take my jacket. - He took of his sporty jacket and put it around her shoulders. She didn't say anything, just put her arms into sleeves and they walked like that. 

Ellie lived closer to the river than Johnny and she knew how long she would have to walk with him by her side. On the other hand, Jonathan had no idea where he is or where they are going. Regardless, he offered to walk her straight home to make sure she'll be OK. It was important to him that all his friends were safe and sound. In his mind it had nothing to do with just her, it was his job. Jonathan wasn't the type of a person that could leave someone alone when they needed help. It was the warm side of his cool heart.

When they were just three blocks away, Elizabeth started shaking again. She was fighting not to cry again but it was stronger than her. - I can't go home now. Thank you for walking me and thank you for the jacket but you can go now. I'll just wander around this night, or, at least, for a couple of hours. I'm waiting for my dad to go to sleep. I'll just text my mom everything's OK. - She was still sad, cold and mad at herself and at her father but she couldn't keep Jonathan out any longer.

- OK. I'll wander with you. - Simple as that.

- You can't. You need to go home. Go to sleep. We'll see each other. Thanks again. 

- Not a chance. Umm... Come on. - He had an idea.

- Where?

- To my place. You know I live alone. You can sleep there. I have a bed and a couch. I'm rich, you know?

- She laughed. - You're this persistent, how can I say "no"? And you know, I'm gonna keep this jacket.

They started making jokes. It still wasn't like everything was OK, but they were certainly heading the right direction. Of course, it was night already and the buses weren't driving as usual so they had really good exercise while going to his place.

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