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*time skip- 15 years*

Joe's POV
"Dad . Will you watch harry?" Olivia asked, passing over the baby.
"Yep." I took him in my arms and stared at him. His sea blue eyes locked into mine, I stroked back his fine brown hair.
I fixed his santa costume, then bounced him in my arms a little.
My little grandson.

"Willow, please come here. We need to give presents." Luke chased her around the lounge.
Luke is Olivia's fiancé. They have two children, Willow Jade, 2 and Harry Lucas, 2 months.

"Will you help your mum grab the presents." I asked Freddie, who was sprawled across the couch looking at his phone.
He sighed and got up, "thanks." I said.

"Mase, will you go wake up Lexi for me. Please." I asked.
"Yeah." He jumped up from next to the tree and ran upstairs.
I passed Harry over to Olivia and got up.
I walked into the kitchen where Ellie was cooking the roast. It smelt delicious.
"I've got something for you." I whispered into her ear.
"Ooh, how exciting." She smirked back.
"It's can't go under the tree though." I said.
"I'm now intrigued." She laughed.
"You'll just have to wait." I grabbed her hand and brought her back into the lounge. Sitting her on my knee.

"Right present time!" Lexi ran down the stairs, excited as she was when she was five.
"This ones for Willow. From grandma and grandad." Luke pulled the big box from behind the tree out so she could see it.
Willow ripped the paper off to reveal a electric pink sports car.
She hugged the box, then tried to open it.
"Freddie, will you go get the pink car from in the cupboard." I asked.
He ran off down the hall and came back driving the pink car.
Willows face lit up with joy.
"Thank yoo." She squealed before beginning to drive the car straight into the couch.

"This is for Harry." Ellie passed the box  to Olivia, she opened it. It was a new car seat and clothes.
"Thank you. " Olivia said.

Next was Olivia and Luke. We got them a joint present. A new tv.
They both thanked us.

"Freddie. You're next." He pulled out the box.
"Thanks mum and dad." It was new trainers, an iPhone and money.

"Mason." I said, gesturing towards the tree. He got up and opened his presents
He got a new iPhone, trainers and money. The same as Freddie .
"Thanks mum and dad."

"Lexi, I'm gonna have to get your present." I walked out of the room and into the hall. I carried the box with air holes in back into the room.
I placed it on the floor in front of her.
She opened the box slowly.
"Aw, thank you Mum and dad ." She picked up the husky puppy out of the box. A tear rolled down her cheek.
"You didn't need to get me a puppy." She cried.
"It's okay darling. You've always wanted one." Elle explained.

"Ellie for your present you're gonna have to look outside." I began. Ellie jumped up and ran over to the windows.
Outside sat a brand new Range Rover. Ellie stood in shock.
She kissed me, "thank you so much Joe. You didn't need to get me this."
"It's okay babe. I knew you wanted it, I got it you. I don't want anything in return." I said. But she pulled an envelope out of her pocket and handed it to me.
I opened it to reveal an around he world cruse.
I thanked her as we opened up the rest of the presents under the tree.

After we'd eaten our Christmas dinner,
I stood up. "I'd like to make a toast. The past couple of years haven't been easy. We've hit some tough times, but we got through them. Together. I'd just like to say thank you. All of you for being the most amazing children and grandchildren a guy could ask for. And Ellie, thank you for being the most amazing and beautiful wife ever. I love you all. Cheers." We all clinked our glasses together before drinking.

"We love you too dad." Olivia replied 

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