Chapter 24- normal

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Ellie's POV
I could smell the roses dying out, baby sick from across the room and a very strong body odour.
I wiggled my fingers, I could move again.
I felt someone hand slip into mine.
"J..o..e?" I croaked out.
My eyes fluttered open slowly. He was staring right at me.
His light blue eyes locked on mine. he pushed back his hair.
I looked at him, examining his ever feature.
Tear stained cheeks, tired eyes, a week old shirt, messy hair.
It was my Joe.
"Elle." He whispered, a tear fell down his cheek.
"Joe." I said, my voice hoarse.
"I love you. I thought I'd lost you, but your my little fighter." He kissed my head. "I'll go get the doctor." He said leaving the room.

He returned a few minutes later with the doctor.
"Hi, Mrs Sugg. I'm doctor Monroe, it seems as though you've recovered with no damage. You've healed well, do you remember what happened?" He asked
"Um.. no. I don't know what was a dream and what was real." I confessed.
"You fell in the bathroom." Joe began. "You'd been complaining for two days of pain. I brought you to the hospital with Lexi. They induced you into a coma. I thought you were gone, but you kept breathing." Joe said.

Joe's POV
"You're alive." Ellie whispered into my hair.
"What do you mean?" I questioned.
"We went to America, you got run over and died. What about Mia and your daughter Imogen and Isobel? Zoe and Alfie, their new baby girl. What about Niomi?" She said
"You've had one hell of a dream." I chuckled. "I had Secret family?" I questioned.
"Yeah. You met Mia on holiday. You created Isobel who was nearly4. Then you met up months ago in London and made Imogen, who was 6 weeks."
"Sounds like you've had fun." I chuckled again.
"How long was I out for?" She questioned
"I think it's been 2 months?" I said unsure.
"Oh, I want to see my kids and you stink Joe. Please go home and change." She laughed her sweet melodic laugh, the laugh that's been missing from my life.

I jumped into the car and drove home.
"Joe?" Zoe questioned as I walked in. "Why are you so happy?"
"Ellie's awake." I said a bit excited.
"Ah, that great joe." She hugged me.
"The kids are in your bed watching toy story. I'll go get them if you want?" She said
"I'll go." I ran upstairs and into my room.
"Do you wanna go see mummy?" I asked the kids.
They screamed with delight. I picked up Lexi out of her cot and carried her downstairs along with Mason, Olivia and Freddie followed at my feet.
I placed them in the couch and went to change.
I put on a white teeshirt and black jeans with black converse.
I strapped Lexi into her seat, then Mason, Freddie and Olivia.
We drove to the hospital singing along to the radio.

I picked up Mason and Grabbed Lexi's car seat.
I walked inside the hospital, Freddie and Olivia following at my heels. We walked to Ellie's room.
She was sat up in bed, watching tv.
I pushed open the door and the kids ran in.

Ellie's POV
I saw Joe walk past the window, he smiled at me as he opened the door.
Three happy little kids ran in and up to me.
A tear rolled down my cheek, they've grown since I last saw them.
Joe helped them into the bed.
We hugged and they all cuddled up to me.
We were together again.
"I love you Ellie Rose Sugg." Joe said kissing my hair.
"I love you too Joseph Graham Sugg." I replied hissing him passionately. It was like our first kiss all over again.

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