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I woke up on an ice cold concrete floor, my head was pounding with every little movement I made. I groaned as my eyes met those of the lion that had knocked me out, as soon as he saw that I was awake, he walked off down the dungeon corridor. I presumed he was going to get his so-called alpha, and hopefully I would be able to leave soon, I was hungry and eager to be free again.

But when I heard the footsteps approaching, I caught wind of the most heavenly scent I've ever smelled, it filled me with warmth and comfort. And my wolf stood up and took attention as our mate proceeded down the corridor, within a few seconds, they would be within sight. But as they came to stand in front of my cell, dread seeped into my bones at the look my mate was giving me.

"Mate," I said quietly, and immediately the cell door flung open. I soon found myself pinned against the rough concrete walls, with a hand wrapped around my throat, it was that of my mate's.

"You are no mate of mine, you are but a worthless rouge, and I am no fag. I Linus Fang, reject you as my mate" I felt the pain of his rejection, but I couldn't bring myself to look away from his beauty. His hair was a rich brown color that was cut short, which gave me a perfect view of his amber eyes that bore into my soul. My eyes continued downwards, following his sharp jawline before dropping to his lips that were set into a firm line.

Sick of my lack of a response, he threw me to the ground before turning to the lion and declaring "Don't let my brother down here, the mutt is to be fed and given water once a day. If he dies, my brother and I will feel it, got it!" the lion quickly nodded and my mate left.

Then the real pain began.

Not only did my very soul hurt from the rejection, but as the days turned into weeks without freedom, my wolf began to go crazy. He paced inside of me, scratching in pure frustration and anguish as he took the rejection. But unlike him, I felt numb, it wasn't like the tingling feeling one got when your foot fell asleep, it was a complete lack of feeling. It allowed me to lay on the floor, without making any movement at all, even when the lion would come down and beat me for good measure.

I started to wonder if this is what junkies felt like when they got their high, was it the blissful numbing that drew them to the drugs? I didn't know, all I knows that as weeks turned into months, my body continued to deteriorate, I ate, I drank, but I slowly dying.

After three months in this hellhole, nothing ever changed, so when I heard yelling at the top of the dungeon stairs, I began to worry. Was he coming here to finally finish me off, put me out of my misery once and for all. I huffed, it was just wishful thinking, but the yells kept getting louder.

"I'm also your Alpha, therefore I am allowed down here no matter what my brother said" after that, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and through the corridor, right towards me. At this point, I had sat up and taken a real interest in something for the first time in months.

Then He appeared, the one who had thrown me in here to rot, but he seemed different. His hair was a slightly darker shade, and his eyes seemed a bit warmer and were less of an amber color and more of a honey. But what really threw me off was the scar above his eyebrow that wasn't present the first time I saw him.

"Mate" he rumbled as he opened my cell door and began to approach me. Instantly my instincts screamed at me to run, to get away from this man who had caused me so much pain. I attempted to run around him, but my escape was hampered by his long muscled arm reaching out and wrapping around my waist.

"Why are you running from me?" he sounded genuinely sad about that fact.

"Please don't hurt me, I promise I won't come back, just please let me go" I begged as he stared down at me, assessing my lack of any sort of muscle or fat on me.

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