Chapter 1- One Hell of a Fight

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I had trouble trying to find the topic, but here it goes!!!

Percy Jackson was abducted by a powerful force a couple years after the victory over the Earth Goddess, Gaea.

Third Person POV

"Ugh!!" He struggled with the chains. "Why won't these stupid chains just break already!"

He knew it wouldn't work but he had to try something. He was rubbing the chain against the pole. His body and hands were chained to the pole levitating over the ground, 20 feet in the air. He was in a dark room that seemed to go on forever. He couldn't see anything, only the seemingly white tiles on the floor which seemed like a far drop.

"WHERE AM I?!" he screamed. "WHO ARE YOU!!"

No answer.

He had no idea where he was, no idea how to get out, and no idea who took him. He wasn't even able to think straight.

All that was on his mind was Annabeth. He's been taken away from her yet again. And it wasn't exactly a surprise.

What's going on? He had so many questions but no answers came to him. He didn't know what to do. He wanted to just go back home.

How long has it been?

No clue.

Why was this happening to him? What should he do? He constantly helps the gods take care of threats, helped Hermes get his staff back, and even helped Zeus retrieve his lightning bolt. There was no reason for him to be captured unless this person was a rival of the gods. He thought and thought of possible explanations, all of them in vain. That's all he could do, think.

What would Annabeth do at a time like this? He didn't know. His wrists were hurting from being tied, his stomach was growling, and his mind was tired.

I mean, he did happen to use the empathy link a couple... Maybe hours ago? But who knows even if it reached Grover?

But now, what? Man, this sucks.

He had an idea, but it was a quite dangerous one.

The great plan he thought of was: cause an explosion like he did to Mount St. Helens. I mean, he barely managed to survive the last one, so Percy had to be careful this time.

He closed his eyes and focused.

He concentrated on the water vapor in the air and slowly but surely, the ground started shaking like a mini earthquake.

The rumbling got louder, greater, and chunks of the ceiling started crumbling down. The humidity dropped tenfold, and the air became thick. The gleaming white tiles on the floor began cracking.

And in one big boom, the entire place exploded, shooting Percy into the air.

All this energy being used by him caused him to be on the verge of passing out. He looked around him as he was falling and saw a building, or something that used to be a building. The whole thing was rubble.

His eyes began to slowly fall.

No, he thought. Stay awake. Come on. He shook his head.

He moved his eyes to directly below him. It was a sort of small body of water, but it was water nonetheless.

He could actually survive this. He could escape! Right at that moment, he passed out before crashing into the water.

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