The Blizzard of 2016

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Triggers: Excessive baking, intense snow, elf references, Steven universe binging, swearing, Laf needs a shower, Lafayette swearing, foreshadowing, murder mention, boyfriends lol amiright.
The snow that came was definitely blizzard-like to say the least. I kept the heat on and wore a nice fuzzy sweater all day as I began baking.
Lafayette was the first awake today, yawning and stretching as he exited the room.
"Good morning, Lafayette." I mused, waving at him with my free hand as I mixed some batter in a bowl with a whisk.
His expression changed from tired to curious as he smelled the carrot cake in the oven. My mother's recipe always pleased. "What is in the oven?"
"Oh, cake. I'm baking to help keep the house warm." I chuckled.
He sat atop the counter and watched me mix while talking. Sometimes he forgot I wasn't French speaking, and would have to correct himself, but I didn't mind.
As I walked passed him, with one of the many bags of flour I had, I unfortunately ended up covering the poor Frenchman in it.
"Oh, my bad, Lafayette!" I tried to help dust him off.
He coughed and wiped off his face. "C'est d'accord."
"Um...why don't you take a shower to wash all that off?" I said.
He looked a little confused.
The commotion woke Jefferson, Alex and Mulligan.
As I ushered Lafayette into my guest bathroom, they laughed at how much of the white powdery flour.
"Okay, Laf," I reached in and turned on the water in the shower. "I'm gonna leave, just...go into the shower, I don't care if you're naked or not, just wash off the flour. There is soap in there."
He nodded slowly, touching the water with his hand and pulling it back. "It's hot."
"Turn that gage left for colder water and right for hotter." I turned and was about to leave. "Towels are under the sink, call if you need anything."
I shut the door and walked out.
Mulligan was still recovering from laughing, "What happened to him?"
"Oh, I accidentally dumped a baking product all over him." I giggled. "So, how'd you boys sleep?"
"I could hear Alexander snoring all night." Jefferson glared. "You woke me up seven times, shit-for-brains." I smirked. He picked up that insult on the street yesterday. Fast learner. "You kept interrupting my much needed beauty sleep?"
"Oh, sorry. From the look on your ugly face it's pretty evident you needed that beauty sleep to enhance your looks." Alexander shot back.
"Wait, Alex was snoring?" Mulligan tilted his head to the side. "I was sleeping in the same room as him and I heard nothing."
"Then who was it?" Jefferson asked.
F/n trudged from their room, eyes tired and only in underwear and a shirt. "Good morning, fuckwhistles!"
"Them." Alexander muttered.
Pretty much all of us jumped as we heard loud French swearing from the guest bathroom. "Putain putain de putain! L'eau est brûlante métal!"
"What did he just say?" I laughed.
"He said "goddamn fucking christ! the water is scorching metal!"" Alexander translated.
Then there was a long sigh of relief from the same room.
"Whelp, that's fixed." F/n snickered.
I looked outside. "Oh my god, you can barely see twenty feet ahead, I can only imagine what it's like walking down there."
"You think it's bad now? Y/n we lived in the late 1700s and early 1800s, it was god-awful weather. Sometimes a small week of cold and snow meant you didn't leave the house for a month." Jefferson said. "That was the one time I showed pity on my slaves."
"Bleh, slaves? Oh yeah, I forgot, Mr. all-men-are-created-equal here owned slaves." F/n groaned, smacking the back of Thomas's head. His big hair seemed to cushion the blow, but he still winced.
"Honestly, f/n, I agree, but back then that was just the way of life and how people thought. We can't blame them for their mentalities because that was just the way they grew up. Like now, we believe in the immorality of slavery." I flicked Thomas' forehead. "You sir, still did sit on a throne of lies."
"Was that a fucking Elf reference." F/n questioned.
"You know it bitch."
"That's such a weird and interesting story!" Alexander exclaimed with profound interest at the TV. He and the other five had just gotten done with watching the entire first season of Steven Universe.
"I know, it's such a great show. I love it." I said, handing each of them a cookie.
I turned on the news to see when the snow would let up.
"Breaking news!!"
"Looks like another murder..." Burr muttered.
"Yeah, its that... Midtown Sadist guy." Laurens chuckled. "I'm not afraid of him, I'll beat his ass if he tries to kill me."
"Young woman found with her throat torn open in her bathtub in her East 59th St. apartment today. How her grieving family is responding up next on CNN."
"Good god. That murderer isn't very consistent with how he murders. First it's all out torture and then it's drugging and ripping a throat open with bare hands... one thing I'll give them is that they're sneaky and don't leave many tracks." I chuckled. "My dad used to be a homicide detective so I know my ins and outs."
I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I smiled widely. It was BF/n.
Bf/n: hey babe, can I come over. My power is out :'(
Me: of course!! :D if you're willing to hang with seven other people besides me that is.
Bf/n: who else is there? F/n I'm guessing but the other six?
Me: Six friends. You don't know them but this could be a nice friend-making experience.
Bf/n: alright. I'll be over in a bit. Love you.
Me: love you too
"Oooooo you guys get to meet my boyfriend..." I stuffed my phone in my pocket.
"Your...courter. What is he like?" Lafayette asked.
"Sweet. He's busy a lot but he tries his best to see me." I said.
Jefferson and Alexander were debating about certain SU characters, Lafayette learning how to dab with F/n, Mulligan and Laurens were eating as many sweets as they possibly can and Burr was reading when Bf/n showed up.
My boyfriend was the walking embodiment of attractiveness.
"Hey, you all must me the friends Y/n mentioned. Im bf/n, it's a pleasure-" he looked at Alexander with a look of question.
"Ah, Alexander." He shook his hand.
After all of them introduced themselves, we sat down and began to talk.
Bf/n's power was back on and the snow let up. He kissed me goodbye and left. Everyone crashed in their usual spots. I snuggled up onto my bed with a pair of warm pajamas on, playing on my phone a bit before deciding to actually get some sleep.

You are Y/N L/N and you feel like you're unsafe in your own home for some reason. Like someone is staring directly into the large window that was across from your bed. That's impossible. Even if someone looked this way it would be hard to decipher any real features without a pair of binoculars. You padded over to the window and pulled the shades. You still felt a little scared but the feeling of being watched subsided.
You drifted off to sleep.

From across the way
I am ???? and have I got big plans for Y/n.

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