Episode 8 "Dropping off or Picking up?"

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Episode 8 "Dropping Off or Picking Up?"

The van pulled into the parking lot after a short trip across town. Each of the Ghostbusters was tired and, even with their successful trap of one of the Seven, feeling defeated.

The recent discovery that their enemy could mask themselves by dispersing their P.K.E. energy brought the Ghostbusters back to square one. They were no closer to stopping Erra's rise to power and therefore just as far from finding Regina's brother, Blake.

Jordan drove the van back with the entirety of the team inside except Cynthia who followed them in her pickup truck.

Simon didn't bother parking the van in a spot, letting Cynthia park her truck in a space before parking the Ecto-Van directly in front of the door. In the last two weeks, their last neighbors in the adjoining offices packed up. The rumor was that they hadn't weren't fond of the supernatural elements of their newest neighbor.

Simon used a gadget in the back to siphon the big purple cat into a trap. The Ghostbusters still had their packs with them, as they had nowhere to store their packs with a large cat in the back of the vehicle. Grabbing his from Regina, Simon slung the straps over his shoulders but didn't snap the buckle at his waist.

As a very tired team, they climbed from their vehicles and somberly sauntered into their office.

Stopping once they were inside, Cynthia turned to the rest of them.

"I don't suppose that any of you have any new ideas about where we go from here?"

The door opened again, and a voice from behind them answered.

"Perhaps I might be able to help you with that?"

Walking in only steps behind them, was the Chairman.

Proton wands were drawn with practiced ease. Each of them aimed directly at the Chairman.

"Say another word, and you'll know what it feels like to become one of the dearly departed."

"My name-"

"The Chairman, we know," Regina said. Her grip on the proton wand was tight. If anyone was likely to learn the destructive capabilities of a proton stream when it touches flesh, it was going to be her.

"Um," The Chairman replied hesitantly, "no. That would be my title." He smiled at them in an almost jolly expression. "I was under the impression that the Ghostbusters were intelligent scientists."

Cynthia hooked her thumb at Simon. "He is. What's your name?"

"Martin Murray," his smile didn't waver. "I'm the Chairman of a group that would like to see an ancient force rise to power."

"Erra," Jordan supplied. His brow was furrowed and his eyes were distant.

"Correct. Jordan, correct?" Nobody answered Martin, so he continued. "Anyway, I'm here to-"

"Grab the zip-ties," Cynthia barked, interrupting Martin Murray. "Top drawer of my desk."

Jordan snapped from his daze long enough to ask, "Zip-ties?"


Jordan holstered his wand and moved to Cynthia's desk. He came straight back with the zip-ties.

"Put them on him," Cynthia ordered, "tight."

Jordan stepped forward and took the Chairman's wrists as he offered them up. When they were in the zip-ties, Cynthia kicked over a desk chair on wheels.

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