Chapter 19

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[Smiles may play their role on my face, but my tears are over-dramatic as well.]


"Hyu-hyu-" Jimin couldn't complete his words, how would he be able to complete the whole sentence? He was wailing while his hair was messed very badly, his eyes had darkness underneath it but had a shiny layer on it, tears flowed endlessly.

"Minie, what happened?" Namjoon asked, worry coated his words. He was going to lose his mind if Jimin didn't tell him what had happened. Jin put his hands on Jimin's shoulder, making their eye-level same but there was no eye contact made. Jimin kept looking down and continued to wail.

"Hyu-hyung. Mom..." Jimin said, slowly, sniffing back his snot and trying to breathe through his mouth, "Mo-m said tha-t..."

Namjoon gulped, his mind already calculated a possibility but he wasn't sure. "W-what did Aunt say?" Jin frowned, confused as to why Namjoon looked so scared and why he had stuttered, "Namjoon...Are you okay?"

"WHAT DID SHE SAY?" Namjoon yelled and Jimin looked up at him with guilt evident in his eyes, "She said...we have to move."

In that moment, everyone's heart was crushed. Hoseok gasped from the side, it was not an answer he had expected. Yoongi and Taehyung had shock written over their faces as well, Yoongi embraced Taehyung more tightly.

But the oldest one was the most terrified by the words, the words continued to replay in his mind. Jin's hands slowly let go of the other one's shoulder. He blinked away his tears and looked at Namjoon, "W-what-" Jin gulped, biting his lip to take a control of his tears.

Because of the salty water that threatened to leak from his eyes, his words were stolen away. He just looked Namjoon,who looked back at him. Namjoon's eyes said it clearly — 'Sorry'.

But weren't words all useless now? There were no words that could be exchanged right now, all words would give them pain. And as people say — 'It is after all the emotional pain that kills people, rather than the physical one.'

As if on a cue, the youngest one of them had entered the home. "Hyung?" Jungkook shouted, trying to find all of his friends. Jungkook went into the living room to find all his friends to be gathered there.

"Why are Namjoon and Jimin hyung here?" Jungkook frowned, asking the frozen statues. His eyes glanced at Jimin crying, Jimin turned away, showing his back to the maknae.

"J-Jungkook..." Jin asked, "...where were you last night?" Jungkook smiled, happy to recall the memories of last night. He had saved a person, and that action took him to making a new friend.

"I was at my friend's house. He told me since it was late, I shoul-" Jungkook's words were incomplete due to a shocking sound.

Jin slapped him.

Jungkook stopped breathing for a while, he couldn't process what was going on. He looked up at his hyung, who seemed to have been crying, "You were out with a person you barely knew! For the whole fucking night! Are you fucking sane?"

Jungkook scoffed, "Did you just slap me?" Taehyung intervened their fight, "That's not importa-"

"Don't interfere!" Jungkook glared at Taehyung, who gasped and went back to Yoongi.

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