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I wake up in a beautiful sunny LA.
I get out of bed and throw on some clothes.
I put on the tiniest bit of makeup.
I walk out on the balcony taking in the view.
Now that I'm graduated , my parents want me to move home and try to find a job...but I love it too much here. New Jersey isn't exactly a place I want to go back to and stay, but I don't mind visiting.
"Kate! I'm hungry!" I yell.
I stand in Kate's door frame and her bed is empty.
Her and Brain must have had a good night.
"I guess I'm making breakfast for one." I tell myself.
I walk into the kitchen and open up every cabinet, plus the fridge and there is nothing to eat.
Well, nothing I want to eat.
I put on some Converse by the door way and start my journey to the market down the street.
I take out my list.
Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Bananas, Apples, Frosting, OJ, Milk, Chips, Yogurt, and an iTunes Gift Card.
I shove it back in my pocket.
Oh I do need eggs.
I grab some eggs.
"Excuse me?" I hear someone say.
I turn around.
"You dropped this."
I stare into two mysterious brown eyes. I am taken aback by how beautiful he was. He had pink pale lips, and the jaw line of a god.
"Thanks." I say while taking my list from his big hands.
"OJ, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and an iTunes gift card...interesting shopping list." He says wearing a smile.
I lightly chuckle.
"Huh, yea I also need a life. You know where I could get one?"
The gorgeous stranger stands laughing at me.
"No I don't. But if you find a place let me know." He replies.
We stand there laughing.
"I'm Ethan by the way." He says breaking the laughing fit.
"Lynn." I say.
I look down at his basket and he has flour, sugar, and anything you would possibly need to bake a cake.
"Baker?" I ask looking a his basket.
"Oh yeah. Just for the day. I'm trying to make my girlfriend a cake. Today's her birthday."
Of course he has a girlfriend. I mean look at him. He is perfect.
Why am I even worrying about this? I just met him not even 30 seconds ago.
"Oh that's really sweet." I say with a hint of disappointment in my voice.
"I guess so." Ethan says.
"Ok well, I hope you bake an amazing cake for your girlfriend. Thank you for picking up my list. I never would have remembered to pick up apples without you." I say.
"Glad to be of service." Ethan laughs.
"See you around." I say smiling.
"Bye." Ethan says.

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve!
If I don't update it's cause I'm with my family. Love ya 😋.

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