ABRA- Fruit

The bell rang giving Beau the opportunity to stretch his limbs from sitting in such an unpleasant chair.

He walked out after her going to his locker putting his stuff away while he watched his black haired beauty from the corner of his eyes continue down the hall.

He then walked to the cafeteria picking up the shity food they served to sit at an absent table in the far corner of the cafeteria. Elijah light skin, 6'0 ft took long strides to the table that held Beau's regina.

Beau wasn't exactly to fond him, in his eyes Elijah was arrogant piece of shit, and he noticed since he first came to the school last year he saw how hard he tried to make Haven his girlfriend, but she declind which he was secretly greatful for.

Elijah slyly wrapped his arms around haven's waist, Beau could feel his jaw clench in anger. Haven simply gave him a tight fake smile cringing on the inside from his finger tips grazing her waist, politely she took his hands off giving another fake smile.

'brava ragazza'

Elijah seemed like the guy to drug a girl just to get his way with them, not that he had problems in the lady department, he had his fair share of girls in the school that kept him satisfied until Haven would come around. Beau just got unsettling vibes from him.

Haven was completely bored out of her mind since Elijah decided to take it upon himself to sit beside her. Her eyes wonderd around taking in Beau's presence while he sat alone.

Ripping her eyes away from him seemd to get harder everyday, she felt as though she was in a daze separated from society, and it bothered her somehow because he was a person she bearly knew that consumed most of her attention.

Beau caught on to the stare taking his eyes off her going to the phone that buzzed beside him, he answered taking in what was being said on the other line and he became frustrated taking in a long sigh he got up to  walked out of the cafeteria doors pissed catching attention from many students.

Haven could feel his anger from were she was and wanted to know what happend but refrain herself from going after him.

People were already talking about him not that he left to long ago. She wasn't exactly the person to be into gossip not minding it once in a while but when it came to Beau it was different.

She ignord those rumors which didn't make sence catching her off guard. He was a quiet type which is one thing she like about him so the rumors didn't add up.

An aggravating voice interrupted her thoughts when Elijah had the nerve to open his mouth "fucking psycho". Haven and Alexis both looked at each other, and scoffed in annoyance.

"You know Beau drove her home the other day" Alexis intervind, haven knew she just wanted to get a rise out of him so who was she to stop her.

Elijah's head turned so quick it looked like he got whiplash to face Haven in disgust. "Why the fuck was he driving you home" He hissed.

She simply gave him a side eye responding "It's really none of your business". It pissed Elijah off even  more that she said it so calmly.

"You li-" he started until he was interpreted.

"Oh shut up with your high yellow ass, always speaking an shit" aliyah said taking a seat beside Alexis.

Elijah narrowed his eyes at her. "I don't know who your talking to watch yourself" he replied riasing his voice.

Aliya's eyes widen in amusement looking around, lifting her tray, pulling Alexis's shirt looking in it, and finally her purse before Elijah decided to speak up.

"The fuck you looking for?" He asked impatiently.

"For who the fuck you think your talking to" haven and alexis stifled a laugh which was hard with aliyah making up her face, before he could respond his friends called him over. A sigh of relief left all of their mouths.

"Ugh he's so annoying like his presence bothers me when his near, lord knows my soul can't take him"
Alexis said going back to her food, aliyah and Haven laughed agreeing with her.

"Remember when he asked you out" aliyah brought up, haven rolled her eyes remembering the uncomfortable memory.

"He's delusional if he thinks I am going to go out with him" It's not like Elijah was ugly if anything he was the definition of sexy.

He was a dull hot guy type who only talked about himself. His attitude towards people weren't any better, and not to mention how concided he is.

"It's just sucks that his so fine" Alexis said bitting her lip.

"True but it's going to waste doesn't matter how fine he is" haven replied looking in his direction thinking how girls could fall for his shit.

"So you and beau" She knew she was going to bring it up sooner later, she just hoped it was later.

"There is nothing between me and beau" haven declined at what she was hinting at.

"What's between them?" aliyah asked lost. "Nothing" haven quickly replied trying to dismiss the conversation.

Alexis simply laughed saying she'll tell her later, aliyah nodded her head in understanding, while haven gave them glares.

"You guys are still going to Emiliano's party right?" aliyah asked
confirmation for her boyfriend. They both nodded in response when the bell rang, they said their goodbyes to aliyah going in different directions.

As they were walking, haven took a glance at Alexis who made a stank face and knew she was going to say something rude.

"Why doesn't her hair match with her red weave? Oh I know why their two different colors" Haven couldn't help, but laugh out loud while Alexis had a straight face she wasn't even trying to be funny.

"I can't take you no more" haven said as she walked into class.

"I was just being serious though, not my fault she color blind" Alexis mumbled to herself continuing down the hall to her next class.

The first thing haven noticed when she walked into class was the absent seat in the far corner of the room that Beau usually occupies, it then somewhat felt empty in the air. She didn't mean to crave his presence but it was inevitable, and she didn't seem mind.

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