Bitter Sweet Love. Chapter 20.

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Chapter 20. Edited.

I was really starting to worry about Paisley I could hear her moaning with the pain and when I did turn to look at her there was so much blood I had to turn around. I looked at Jonny who was focused on the road as the hospital was coming into view.

''Paisley'', I whispered.

She looked up and smiled. Paisley whispered something in return, ''Don't worry about me, you have your own problems'', Paisley whispered. Johnny pulled up outside the hospital and jumped out instantly and ran into the hospital. He didn't say a word.

Paisley smiled at me. ''It's OK'', She said and her eyes rolled back in her head and her body went limp.

I jumped up in my seat and reached into the back of the car. ''Paisley!'', I cried loud. I shook her and I looked out to see Johnny running towards the car with 2 male nurses running behind him. Johnny ripped open the back door of the jeep and pulled Paisley out and handed her to the nurses as I hopped out of the car. I ran towards the nurses but Johnny wasn't following.

''Johnny'', I said urgently and signaled for him to follow.

''I just have to get something'', He said reaching into the car quickly and rushing to my side and he followed me into the hospital.

The nurses ran with Paisleys limp body shared between them. ''Get Dr.Lee'', One of the nurses shouted at the reception desk. The plump woman picked up a phone quickly as the nurses found an empty bed to lay Paisley on where they took to wheeling her to her destination.

''Room 207 Paul'', the lady at reception shouted at the quickly disappearing nurses.

They were waiting for an elevator ahead of us which gave us time to catch up to them. ''Are ye family?'', the unnamed nurse asked.

''No'', I said.

''Yes'', Johnny said giving me the evil eyes.

''I'm her brother and she's the baby's aunt'', Johnny said avoiding looking at me as the elevator door opened and the nurse nodded and pushed the bed into the elevator quickly and press the button for the 5th floor.

''What do you mean I'm the babies aunt'', I asked angry.

''Your brother got Paisley pregnant'', He growled as the elevator door opened again and the nurses started running.

I stood speechless and Johnny ran ahead without me, I ran after johnny. He was sitting outside room 207 with his head in his hands.

''My cell'', I said.

He flicked it at me. ''Whatever we were Kira, We are not anymore'', Johnny said standing up flipping his chair and disappearing.

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