Chapter Thirty Four

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Natalia's P.O.V

"You're supposed to be helping me study, not distracting me." I looked up so I could pick out the bits of paper he'd been throwing into my hair. I was no longer grounded and this was the first time Alex and I had been together since his accident the week before.

"I'm bored." He informed me from where he sat across the bed facing me. His own books were laid out beside him and hadn't been touched in a while as he'd decided to amuse himself. The only reason he'd been allowed to come up to my room was so we'd study together.

Dad hadn't stopped checking on us by constantly calling up to ask random questions as if it would prove that we weren't doing anything other than studying. I also had to keep the door open. He'd finally been called out for a home visit so we were alone.

The moment had passed for us to talk about the kiss and it kind of hung over our heads like a large, heavy dark cloud.

"I see that," I smirked, throwing the tiny paper balls back at him once they were out of my hair, "Can you not make a mess? I just sorted out my notes."

Alex heaved a heavy sigh and stopped ripping bits out of my notebook, "I didn't think you'd get so anal about a test that won't affect your grade very much."

"Twenty percent is a lot to me."

"Let's go for a walk, I can't look at another text book right now."

"You've barely looked at one since you got here. I don't have time for a walk." I said, reading over my notes once getting them back in order. The next thing I knew my hands were empty, he held both my notes and the neon green highlighter I'd been using.

"Give it back Alex."

"Not until you do something with me before I die of boredom."

"Seriously Alex give it back!" I demanded, crawling on the bed to try getting them from him. He held them both further out of reach above his head. I knew that he wouldn't make this easy and as much as I wanted to go over my notes a billion more times, being playful with him was the fun option.

"Tell me you'll take a break." He proposed.

"No! Give them back."

The only way I could attempt to retrieve them was by getting closer to him. I paused, not sure whether to continue but the cocky smile on his face spurred me on. Remaining on my hands and knees I crawled into the space between his legs, breathing in his comforting scent then reaching above his head to where my notes dangled from his outstretched hand.

His breathing deepened and I felt it against my neck, I shut my eyes to calm my feelings then opened them to reach for his hand. He let them go without a fight and placed his hands on my waist to pull me against his chest instead.

Our noses brushed upon impact and I shifted to his lap to keep from falling on him, turning to face forward towards my TV screen so I wouldn't be tempted. "If I fail this test it'll be your fault." I said softly, rubbing his knee and resting my back against his chest since it felt safer than facing him.

"There's no way you'll fail Talia, you've studied hard for this and an hour won't make any difference. Do something with me." He said, shifting my hair out of his way to gain access which allowed him to nuzzle my neck.

I reached around behind me to run my hands through his hair, enjoying this way too much, "I'm pretty hungry."

"Great, let's have dinner." He whispered right in my ear, not making a move either.

"What are you in the mood for?"

"Anything except Indian food."

"Why not Indian?" I laughed.

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