Chapter 34. Maha Chapter

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Suman' s POV.

Shravan squeezed my shoulder reassuringly before he got up. He took Charles to one side of the room. I could not her what they were talking about but I could see Charles's face going red with rage.

I gasped when after a few minutes he lunged towards Rita with his hands raised. Shravan caught him just before he reached Rita who huddled to one corner whimpering.

"Charles, no!" He said. Pushkar got up and stood beside them.

Charles sat down opposite me and covered his face with his palms. "I am sorry Malhotra, I am so sorry." He said looking up.

"Call Ricky." Shravan said quietly. Charles nodded and dialled a number. He got up and started talking over the phone, walking away from us. I could hear him shout as he asked this person to come to Shravan's apartment immediately.

Shravan came and at back beside me looking grim. "Ricky is Charles' s younger brother, Rita's twin." He told me quietly.

I nodded at him, still not able to grasp or understand what was exactly going on. How was this guy, Ricky involved?

After about ten minutes the doorbell rang. Charles dashed to the door and opened it with a force.

I heard some yelling though still could not see the face of the newcomer. My heart almost stopped beating when the face came into my view.

I grabbed Shravan's arm as the man who was the cause of my nightmare walked in. Shravan looked at me. I think he realised almost instantly who was the man to me.

"Ricky! You tried to rape Sumo!" He bellowed as he got up and before I knew this guy was on the floor.

"What?" the chorus of the other occupants of the room sounded. For some reason, right at this moment I felt nothing. It was almost as though all my senses had stopped working. A feeling of numb seemed to take over me.

The words seemed to float in the air and did not completely register. I could vaguely make out words like blackmail, drug, sorry-

I jumped in my seat as I felt someone land in a heap near my feet. My eyes widened when I saw the face of the man.

I felt my breathe hitch as I tried to breathe in deeply. The face that had tormented, invaded my mind for almost three years lay crying in front of me.

His eyes looked anguished as he folded his hands in a gesture of apology. "I am sorry." He said in a whisper. "I don't even remember the night too well-" he said as he lay sobbing.

For the first time I realised how young he was. Three years back he was probably a teenager, maybe still was.

Not able to take in any more I got up and rushed to my room. Shravan came in almost immediately . He held me to him as various emotions cruised through me.

Over the years I had felt disgust, fear, anger, helplessness and various other intense emotions. Right now I am not sure what exactly I am feeling.

"Sumo, don't worry." Shravan was whispering softly. His voice near my ears helped me sooth my nerves, slowly.

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