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Pen Your Pride


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Hey so this is it. No more Ruth, Les or Nate after this. Such a bitter sweet moment. But all good things must come to an end. Thank you so much for sticking with my story this long. I can't really believe how much support I have gotten on it but I really appreciate it.

I hope you like it,  I've never written an epilogue before so I don't know how long they are supposed to be. It kind of feels like another chapter to me but there was just so much that I wanted to put in.

Anyway. I have a surprise for you. Actually two. A lot of people have been requesting an alternate ending where Les doesn't die so I'm making a deal with you. If I get ove 600 votes on the epilogue, I will write an alternate ending. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. If I get over 1,000 votes, I will re-write a chapter in Les' POV plus the alternate ending. :) So vote away!

And over there you will see a few pictures and quotes of Les and Ruth.

Six years later

            “Ugh, that’s gross Benji!” Frowning at the four month old in my arms, I wiped the throw up off his face with his blue bib.

            “Gary!” I called from the living room, “Can you take Benji please?”

            A second later he came into the room holding a mug of coffee. I held back a smile when I saw the beard that he had recently grown on his face. I couldn’t help but to stare at it. It looked a little weird on him but I knew that I would get used to it.

            “Aww, did wittle Benji spit up on you?” He teased as he set down his coffee and I handed the baby off to him.

            “Yes. And now my shirt is ruined.” I sighed disappointedly as I picked up a rag off the side table and dabbed the spit off my old Beatle’s shirt.

            Giving up on the splotch, I threw the rag in the corner with the rest of the dirty laundry and sat down on the couch to watch Gary as he baby talked to Benji basically cooing like a pigeon. But I was grateful for the break, as much as I loved Benji and he was a wonderful baby, holding him for long periods of time hurt my arms.

            “Who’s a cute little baby, huh? You are that’s who.” Gary cooed tickling his stomach.

            I giggled at him and Benji as he started to make cute, little gurgling noises.

            “Playing house are we?” A voice asked from behind me.

            I turned around to see Nate standing there with a raised eyebrow, looking down at me, then back to Gary and Benji.

            I rolled my eyes, “Of course. Because we all know how much I want a baby.” I replied sarcastically.

            Gary chuckled because of how Benji just ruined my shirt. “Don’t worry you can wash it out Ruth.”

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