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Y/n: if Nike is pronounced Nikee then why isn't bike pronounced bikee?
Sammy: idk
Sk8: she crazy
Y/n: but I'm crazier in bed😏
Johnson: tru dat
Gilinsky: u have slept with her j?
Johnson: yeahh
Y/n: it was the best sex ever (a/n: what tf am I doing with my life)
Derek: I thought I gave u the best sex ever
Y/n: no j did
Dillon: an y'all shut up I'm tryna sleep
Swazz: so am I
Sk8: in the same bed?
Dillon: yeah in the same bed!
Y/n: ok damn dill pickle
Dillon: I don't like pickles
Y/n: deal with it dill pickle
Swazz: lmao
Sammy: I thought u were sleeping?
This escalated quickly lmao😂😂

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