Chapter twelve

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After my shower I put on some grey sweat-pants with a Calvin Klein Bra and bottom, I then put my hair in a bun. I did't know what the fuck Tino was doing and I didn't care. I was so hungry that I went out of my bedroom and went directly to the kitchen. Tino was in sweat pants as well with a white V neck shirt and wet hair.
Like always he was on his laptop with a glass of alcohol.
I was so mad at him that I wanted to play with his nerves and annoy him.

"Why do you always drink? What are you trying to forget, the fact that you will never have me ? " I said with a cocky smile.

"I'm trying to forget the fact that I can't kill you to be honest " He sighted not even looking at me .

"I'm pissed at you " I said out of no where.
Like he would care ...

"I'm pissed too "  He said taking a sip of alcohol, his eyes were still glued on his laptop.

He always says that I'm the child but he is the one acting like a child right now.
I decided to be the adult in this room and walked to the sofa.
I sat next to him.
I closed his laptop and grab his chin to make him look at me .

"Why are you mad at me? I don't get it. " I said.

"Why do you want to..." he stopped and looked at my outfit " why are you only wearing a bra ?" He said smirking.

"Bip. Wrong answer, first it's a sport bra so relax and secondly don't try to change the subject " I said serious now. I really wanted to know .

"what's your question again ?" He said with a big smile.
I punched him on the arm for this one.

"Okay ! Okay! I was joking " He said slightly laughing .

"That's not funny !" I said trying to make an angry face." Now answer "

"I'm mad at you because you don't respect me.
I tried everything like everything! And you, you still don't care.
I don't know what to think anymore. I don't understand you. After all I did you still come back to me and you consider me as a human, no one does, no one. " He said deeply thinking .

"You confounded respect and fear.
I respect you, for your intelligence, your integrity with your familia, the way you protect every person of your familia. But I don't fear you because all you did since I know you I'm also able to do it, so how could I fear my own self ?
If I don't fear my own self, I don't fear you that's all " I said responding sincerely.

He looked at me for a moment, a long moment...
Trying to read in my soul like always but this time he kind of let me look a little bit at his soul too.

"Where were you ?" He said very slowly .

His phone started buzzing. He frowned and broke our "soul reading" thing before answering.

"What ?" He said harshly .
"No, don't"
"I will take care of it myself "
"I'm down in two minutes "

He hung up and looked at me " I need you to prove me something. "

"Wait what ?" I stood up suddenly feeling something bad coming .

"Don't ask more questions, go put something more... " he stopped 5 seconds to look at my outfit " ...more covering and meet me here in 5 minutes " He said.

"But" I was not going to do that.

"Bip. Wrong answer. Now go " he said commanding.

"You are so annoying you know that , right ?" I said while walking to my bedroom not even caring about his answer and closed the door.

I put on some skinny ripped jeans and the sweatshirt I borrowed Tino the first day I came here. I put on a pair of sneakers and went to the entrance where the elevator was.
Tino was there dressed up in his usual black suit.

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