Chapter 5 - The Evacuation of Sydney.

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“I just hope your right, Barry. I don’t know what I do if I lost my little girl,” Craig said, fighting back tears.

“I know how you feel mate,” Dad said, patting his shoulder. “My boy and my girl, are gone for now, but we got to have faith in our kids. They doing, what they think is right.”

“What’s going on here?” said the military officer First Lieutenant Brian Flanning.

“Nothing, solider,” Dad lied.

“I heard the conversation, where are your children?” He said sternly, to my father. “I can’t help them, if you lie to me.”

“We know that mate, but my boy has it covered,” Dad said back trying to protect us.

“I can arrest you, if you choose to continue not to cooperate,” Flanning said

“Well mate, you’re just going to have to arrest me then, aren’t you, because I’m not telling you where they are, it would only jeopardise their efforts, to get back my daughter that has been taken,” Dad insisted.

“Well sorry to say, I'm going have to take you into custody, until you’re ready to talk, please stand with your hands behind your back,” The antagonised solider said “please cooperate, or we will use brutal force.”

Dad stood up, and placed his hands behind his back. “I’ll do what I need to, to protect my son and daughter, and my son’s girlfriend,” He said, as he turned towards Mum. “I’ll be alright Kelly; I'm doing what has to be done, to protect our kids.”

Flanning arrested Dad and took him away to a place unknown. “Mate, I know you think, you’re trying to protect your kids, but the fact is; they’re more in danger, if you don’t tell us where they are.”

“Well that’s a risk, I'm willing to take. I have faith in my son; I know he won’t let me down,” Dad said.

“Well he is in danger, even more so his girlfriend. You can help them, by telling me where they are,” Flanning said.

“Well mate, hate to disagree, but you running in there, with all your men, and all your guns, are just going to make it harder for them. It will aggravate the mutants, putting their lives in danger, more than they already are,” Dad said protesting. “You think you’re the muscle, all you’re doing is making things worse.”

“I'm sorry, I'm going to have hand you in,” he said.

“Fine by me mate,” Dad said.

While Lucy’s parents tried to comfort, Mum who right now, is feeling more alone, than ever before. “Great, now I've lost my husband, my son, and my daughter,” Mum started, getting an idea in her head, to sneak out of the school hall, but she couldn’t, there’s no way. The place was now packed, with police, paramedics, and military officers. There were more, public officials then civilians in this place; it would've made me paranoid.

Then there was gunfire, outside. Mutants were attacking, the school hall. You could hear loud thumps and bangs as they landed on the roof of the hall. You could hear the sound of the roof being torn off, as they tried to get in. The bullets that did hit the mutants just seemed to bounce right off them. Soldiers were calling for back up.

Reinforcements, took about half an hour, to get to the required position. They came with tanks, and stealth helicopters armed with heavy machine guns, and rocket pods. A huge mutant jumped up, grabbing one of the helicopters by the tail, and throwing it down on to a tank, exploding on impact as it hit the tank. The explosion killed at least, fifty police, and military officers. Another chopper shines a floodlight; down on to a pack of sixteen mutants.

The group of mutants, cry a blood-curdling scream; before one of the mutants, jumps to grab a hold of it, punching a hole into the fuel tank. Soldiers were firing their guns like lunatics, trying to kill the mutants, but their weapons were ineffective. All their efforts were in vain.

Another mutant drops down off the roof, and walks up to a solider, ignoring the bullets that were bouncing, off his body. He walked towards the foot soldier, and with telekinesis; he pulls the helpless solider, towards him. He then grabs him, by his throat and then decapitates, and dismembers the solider head, and limbs by ripping them off his body, with his bare hands.

Two other mutants got inside and panic spread like a disease. People are running, screaming trying to get out. An aboriginal woman, and mother of three girls, aged between thirteen, and seventeen, was looking for her daughters. She asked a police officer for help, but the police officer said, “Sorry, but there’s nothing we can do. If they are taken then they are gone.”

The woman bursts out crying, “There’s got be something, you can do, to get my babies back.”

“I'm sorry miss, but there isn't anything, any of us can do, and the mutants are just too strong, all I can do; is suggest you get aboard an evacuation chopper.” The officer said.

“I'm not leaving, without my girls,” the woman said, as Mum was walking past her.

“I know how you feel,” Mum told her. “My daughter was taken earlier tonight, and now my son, has gone looking for her, with his girlfriend.”

“Your son is very brave,” She said, as she sat down. “I hope he can find my girls to.”

“I'm sure, if he finds my daughter Susan; he will find the rest of the girls, and help them escape to,” Mum said trying to be strong herself, and comfort the other woman.

Another loud bang and five mutants enter the school hall. Officers are thrown across the hall, gunshots, and civilian screams, echo throughout the hall. “Everyone, get down now!” A military officer shouted out, before firing his gun, at the deformed mutants. A mutant, that stood bout 6 foot tall, with dirty brown hair, six red eyes, overgrown arms, that made it hunch over, and walk like gorilla. The Lieutenant fires his twelve-gauge shotgun, using solid metal slugs. Still, ineffective.

“We need to move everyone out now!” he said, but those were his last words. The mutant leaps for him, pinning him down, and mauling at his face. It wasn’t long before his body laid on the ground, cold and stiff.

“Where’s bloody the chopper?” another solider asked, through his radio.

“About forty minutes away, mate. Hold tight,” A major, flying the chopper said.

“Bloody hell mate, can’t you get here any quicker?” the soldier asked. “We’re being attacked here at the Sydney secondary school, in Glebe.”

“That’s a negative, Private. We are at top speed, as it is.” The major replied.

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