Trunks Of Dust. Part 47

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23rd December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

I watched as Barb and Bella moved themselves well away when things started being handed down once the trunks were being brought down out of the attic.

Some of them were quite large, so the men all got themselves into a chain and passed everything alone to the next man until there wasn't anything left up there from what Jullianne was calling down from up inside the dusty and dark attic that hadn't had any one up there for decades.

" The damn place needs a good spring clean I think." Jullianne was saying as she made an appearance again after being up in the roof.

I could see that she was very dirty and dusty as was Robbie and a few other the other men who's names escaped me at the moment.

" My word. I didn't think there was this much that my father kept of his aunt." Joy went on to say as she looked at everything that was piled hig in front of everyone.

I could see a pair of twins who were smiling and talking to the girls over in the corner when Barb called out.

" Can I suggest a dusting first before opening." Barb called out when Joy went to grab something and open it.

" That's a very good idea. Thank you Barb for reminding us." Joy went on to say before she started ordering some of those present to get some dusting clothes and get to cleaning the dirt and dust off everything.

One of those twind had just asked what they missed so far, so I filled them in on what we knew so far.

" It seems there is a large mystery regrarding Reid's and the Joifield family. Bobby Joifield had two sisters who had been kidnapped while very young. There is scientists involved and repeatedly done DNA testing that has proved that Joy, Daniel and Ried are in fact first cousins. The woman who raised Reid as his mother wasn't his mother at all with no biological connection and now we have something happening with the aunt of Bobby Joifield." I briefly went on to say as the others all cleaned off the dust that was beginning to permeate the air around us causing a few sneezes.

" I'm going to take myself outside for a while. So if you would excuse me." Barb went on to say and when I looked at her, she looked a little pale and clammy.

I do hope she doesn't faint. I have been concerned since we met up again and found out about her and Mr Dumbarse Duggan.

"I'll join you since it don't have anything to do with me." I then heard Bella say and she used her walker to move across the room over to the door through a widening path of people following Barb.

I am so glad that the two of them get on as good as they do. Despite the occasional spat or two they do have when they clash.

I saw her stumble a little when she held the door open for Bella. She had bumped into someone and was apologising to whoever it was. The next thing I know is that it was a young man who she bumped into and he was helping her down the stairs.

" He's got her." I heard someone say wondering what was meant. It didn't take long at all before finding out.

" Who's got who?" i asked with a puzzled voice.

" Jaxon. He's been star struck since the moment Barb climbed out of the bus. We expect fireworks to come pretty soon I am thinking." One of the other younger men was saying which had me frowning at hearing that.

" This Jaxon. He's stalking her?" I asked with a frown on my face which caused a few laughs.

"Joifields do not stalk. They patiently follow and wait for the time is right before making a move. Then they pounce." Robbie was saying which had me frowning a little more at hearing that.

" I'm sorry. I'm not really understanding you. What exactly do you mean?" I asked as I looked around at the smiling faces.

" It's like this." Joy started to say.

" When a Joifield finds their soul mate, the one they know they want to share the rest of their life with. They watch and they wait and they stake a claim before acting." Joy was saying with a smile as she looked at some of the trunks before settling on one particular one and tapping it to let everyone know that she wants this one to be the first.

" It's much like when I saw John for the first time. I saw him, and I wanted him. I told him so and even though he put up a fight in resisting me, I wore him down and caught him in a weak moment." She was saying as we waited for the men to get that damn trunk open.

" Was that when dad knocked you up with me, Mumma?" Jullianne suddenlt asked which had a few snickers being heard.

" I suppose so." I heard Daniel then say as he too snickered before chickling at the embarrassed face of his fathers.

" It was simialr to my father too. Only there were two men vieing for my mothers affections. Bobby Joifield was one and Ron Stevenson was the other. But because Ron had a psycho girlfriend that was in and out of his life, Mumma ended up knocked up by dad and when he rejected her, Bobby quickly swooped in and married her. Those of Joifield blood know who their soulmates are when we first meet them. jaxon is Barb's by the look of it. So i reckon he will be staking a claim before the day is out. he won't wait. He's a typical Joifield." Joy wass saying to us, telling us a little of how a Joifield works when love hits them right between the eyes.

I reckon that was how it was when reid first saw me poor man. I was just a little kid at the time.

I looked across at him to see him watching me with a slow smile on his face. At least it helped to understand why he acted as he had all those years trying to keep me away from him. But I reckon he must have loosened up and came undone that time we met in the club and knocked me up that night we spent together.

" Barb is three and a half months pregnant, so he better not hurt her." I muttered as I looked out the window to see them walking arm in arm behind Bella who was pushing her walker through the gardens around the house yard.

I could see that they were talking to each other and would stop every now and again when bella stopped to look at something that caught her interest.

Then my attention was taken again by the opening of the trunk as everyone, including me, drew closer to see what was in it. Since I couldn't see anything except materials, I just stayed back and let the others have their look back in history.

Which this was. A search through family history with each dress and clothing article that was carefully pulled out of the trunk into the light of day after being packed nearly three quarters of a century ago.

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