Chapter Fifteen

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"Love is pain and pain is love..." — Kelly Rowland

Next Day... 12:05 PM

I woke up in Mason's bed, with a heavy head. My eyes were super sensitive to the light and my entire body felt like it was nailed to the mattress. I wasn't ready to get up, but I knew I had to. I looked around to see that the room was empty. "Mase?" I called out and waited for a response. When no one answered I decided to get up and hurriedly get dressed. After gathering as much of my things as I could, I went for the door.

When I got half way down the hallway, I ran into Mason, but I continued passed him trying to ignore him. "Jelissa just wait a minute," He grabbed my wrist but I yanked myself out of his hold. "Let's just talk about it," He said and I spun around, "Talk about what?" I questioned, "We don't have anything anymore Mason." I took a deep breath, "I really thought you were serious, I thought I actually mattered enough to you, that you'd be able to see past your anger but I don't. I can't deal with this, I'm tired of crying."

I turned away from him while I wiped my tears. I was never one to cry in front of anybody, no matter who it was, but I just felt so darn broken. "Shhh, babe I'm sorry," Mason wrapped his arms around me from behind and kissed my hair but I pushed my way out of his hold, "Don't touch me," I said as I got myself together quickly. "Okay I won't, but we seriously need to talk." "I'm done talking to you Mason," I wiped my face and pressed the down button to wait for the elevator.

"You not going no where looking like that, just come back inside and get cleaned up aight?" I stood there ignoring him but Mason took my arm in his hand and started pulling me back towards his apartment, "Why can't you just leave me alone? I just want to go home," I whined as he closed the door behind us. "Go take a shower and then we'll talk." I didn't budge from my spot so Mason took it upon himself to carry me to the bathroom. He started to unbutton my skirt and I hit his hands.

"Bruh can you stop being childish and just clean yourself up? Come on, get showered, fix your hair, put on some makeup or something, just don't stay like this." I crossed my arms over my chest, "Nah I think, I'mma pay my uncle Sean a visit just like this." Mason's face fell, "Why you gotta be like that?" I scoffed, "You gotta ask?" I shook my head and turned around to turn on the shower, "Get the fuck out nigga." I told him as I took off my school sweater. After allowing the water to warm up, I hopped in the shower.

While I was in there I let the remainder of my tears flow and just let it all go down the drain. I didn't like being emotional, and I'd be damned if I had any tears left to cry in front of Mason. After cleaning myself up, I brushed my hair out to be pretty straight and did a little 'damage control' on my face. I was by no means going to let anyone know what was beneath this foundation, concealer, and powder. No one needed to know, as long as I planned on walking away, then there is nothing to tell. I got dressed in some dark blue jeans and a pink sweater and slid my tan uggs on my feet. Before I had always kept a change of clothes here and right now it was coming in handy.

I left the bathroom and grabbed my stuff before approaching Mason who was sitting up in his bed on his laptop, "So what's up?" I asked with lots of attitude, "You gone take me home or what?" Mason looked up at me, "Here." He handed me a box, "This the Seven?" I asked opening up the iPhone box to see a rose gold iPhone 7 Plus.

"Yeah," Mason stood up and towered over me, "I ain't mean to throw ya shit like that. And I definitely didn't mean none of the other shit that happened." I looked away and started biting down on my tongue, "I'm not even about to press you about forgiving me because I know I fucked up. I just wanna make sure you good, ma." He touched my chin and I furrowed my brow, "I'm fine. And you're taking me home, come on." The ride was silent the entire way to my place.

Once we got there, Mason turned my face to him by my chin, "Forreal ma, you good?" I snatched my face away, "Yo I'm on ice. Like don't be touchin' me cause right now I'm really not for you." I rolled my eyes as I looked for my keys in my bookbag. "No real shit," he started before turning my face back towards him and holding it in his hand, "real shit... I'm sorry. I'm sorry as hell. You ain't deserve none of that. I know you don't feel like being around me but call me tonight and we can talk," I rolled my eyes.

"Can I give you a kiss? To seal off my apology?" Mason asked with a smug look on his face and I kissed my teeth, "Mason I don't want to kiss you." "Come on, stop playing with me," He pulled my face closer until our lips connected. He kissed from my lips down to my neck and with each peck he whispered he loved me. After all of these shenanigans with Mason, I got myself together and headed inside praying that no one was home so that I could catch up on some sleep and not get questioned.


I sat at the lunch table with Emone, Amber and my cousin Tevin. Tev and his mom, my aunt Rhonda, had moved up here a few years before we did. Moms and I just now hoppin' on the gravy train. Anyways, we sat there just talking about some random stuff that had nothing to do with nothing when Emone spoke up, "Either of y'all heard from Jelissa?" She directed that towards me and Amber. I shook my head, "Nah, I ain't heard from her since yesterday afternoon." Amber responded, "Yeah she ain't text me either." I let out a sigh.

"She told me she was hangin' out with her old man," I said. "Nigga you really not from here talking about some 'old man', boy fuck outta here," Amber laughed I just shook my head. "Anyway she ain't text me back since yesterday." I told Emone, "Well she ain't text me back at all." Emone responded, "Ion know, I might go over their after school or something' just to see what's up." When the lunch bell rang we all ran to Chemistry.

I was caught up in my thoughts for the rest of the day, worried about everything under, the sun. My mind couldn't escape thinking about Jelissa. I was trying to focus on school work, but I ain't even gone hold you, Jelissa was the primary thing on my mind. That girl was crazy to stay with that dude, but I'm not trynna overstep any boundaries. My phone buzzed in my pocket and I pulled it out and hid it in my textbook. It was a group message between Amber, Emone, me, and an unknown number.

UN: This Jelissa, I got a new number. Y'all in school?

'Mon Mon👊🏽💯: Girl you had the same number all my life, 😩 how you just get a new number?

Amber: Forreal, girl wya though?

Jelissa😍😏: At the crib.. Ya girl is sick. I just had to give y'all my new number though so see y'all tomar.

I rolled my eyes and closed my phone, before looking over at Emone who was giving me the same look. "Oh, we're goin' over there." I nodded.

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