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"It's okay, you don't have to love me." Tyra stated simply. Her petite shoulders shrugged ever so slightly as she spoke.
    That was the strange part, Tyra as shattering on the inside. She had never believed in heart break before, of course, she had believed in love just not fairy tale love, prince charmings and of course not heart break, nevertheless here she was: her heart shattering shard by share. It was obliteratingly painful. The stinging overwhelmed her and the tilde wave of emotions, laced with the shards of her broken heart writhed and twisted inside her. She could feel the examining tears clawing their  way up her throat, and the pulsing waves of agony weighing in her gut, yet her face was almost placid. She faced Danny with the calmest face. No tears leaked out, the corners of her mouth weren't even  turned down when she told him he didn't have to love her. It was strange, how remarkably easy it was to cover up her aching soul with just a simple facade.
   "I don't have to love you?" Danny asked, sounding confused  and tentative. Tyra nodded, her singeing raw emotions quickly becoming cold as stint and setting like a boulder in her gut.
    "Correct." Was all Tyra could say.
    "So, if I walk out of this building right now, and when I do, I won't come back mind you Tyra," Danny coaxed, "you'll be fine?" Tyra nodded again, not trusting herself to speak. "So, if I walk out right now, and this is goodbye, I'm free to go love someone else?" Tyra blinked quickly.
He was leaving. He was actually leaving. This is it. Seven years of relationship. Seven years of tears, sweat and laughter together and it's actually over. Seven whole years of love and he's just gonna walk away like us never happened. Like we never happened.
"Okay." Tynda croaked. Danny's hand extended for a parting hand shake, but Tyna just stared at it.
Was this really the same hand she once held back at High school prom?
Tyna extended her own hand.
Was this really the same hand that had accident dropped Tyna square on her butt during their third Salsa dance competition?
Danny's hand gripped Tyna's own firmly.
Was this actually the same man who had once cooed lullabies and rocked Tyna back and forth, too and fro only last January when Tyna had had that sudden relapse of panic attacks?
They shook hands.
Was this really the same Danny she fallen head over heels for seven short years ago?
Tyna's hand dropped slowly from Danny's own.
Yes, this was the same Danny, only, Danny had changed, he had grown up too fast over the last seven years, while Tyna... Tyna was still the same niave girl plagued by traumatizing panic attacks. She hadn't changed a bit, aged a day or grown up even in the slightest since she met Danny, but he had up and grown away. Grown far, far away; and now? Danny was leaving forever.
Suddenly Danny turned to leave, and Tyra watched through clouded, teary eyes as Danny glanced over his shoulder at Tyra one final time, and then, he was gone.
Tyra knew exactly what was about to happen next and this time, she didn't even try to fight it. She felt the bubbling panic simmering in her gut benign to rise. She felt a hot rush of tears suddenly spring to her eyes. She felt the all too familiar feeling of twisting fingers start to tap, and then it hit. Her vision blurred, black blotches and stars filled her line of sight. This attack was worse than the others. She heard screams, inhuman, unearthly, blood curtailing screams. Infinities of what seemed like hours passed before Tyra realized the terrible screams were her own panic strewn ones. She screamed, and twitched and cried, shaking violently on the floor, yet no Danny came to save her this time.

The panic attack went on.
No one came, no one was coming. Dancing stars in Tyra's vision began to fade, giving way to welcoming blackness. Her twitching fingers, settled in distorted positions, each pointing a different direction. Tyra's last conscious act was to curl up in a whimpering ball, and then the blackness over came Tyra.

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