Operation X

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The wind flew past and all I could hear was the sounds of sirens screaming and the pounding of feet behind me. My own feet were a blur, silent, flying, and desperate. My breath fogged in front of me as I dashed for my life. 

Of course, being what I was, my pace never slowed. My heart never tried to beat out of my chest and my feet never stopped. All too soon I was at the edge.

Teetering, I stood looking down at the deadly swirls below. Jagged rocks and foaming waves lay below. I looked back to see helicopter lights rising over the treetops, shouting and feet pounding from the forest, and the unmistakable sound of the Hounds. Oh how I hated the Hounds. Their blood thirsty personality was clear in those blood shot orbs. 

Finally, with one last glance at the approaching guards, I jumped. 

Falling through the air, it all was in slow motion for me. The shocked faces slowly growing smaller, the helicopter lights finally homing in on me when it was in fact too late, and the sheer rush that filled me with each millisecond. 

And then I hit the water. With a clean break I dove under the furious waves and froze. Waiting. Silence soothed my sensitive ears as I floated in the middle of those dark swirls. 

Finally the spot lights from the helicopters faded away and I could no longer pick up the frantic yelling above. Kicking up, I easily broke the surface and took in a generous amount of oxygen before scanning the cliff. Nothing stood out against the dark rocks and tree tops peeking out. 

A slow grin spread across my face and I allowed myself to laugh. Not just the polite laugh, or a small giggle. No, a full blow laugh at the face of danger. A laugh at those idiots for thinking they could keep me locked up, chained down, and enslaved.

No, I could do anything. I could escape the most secured facility in the world. I could survive fatal jumps. I could accomplish, become, and dream of anything. This is where my life as it is now began. 

I am Celeste, aka Operation X. 


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