3. On an Adventure

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Adam, still bleary eyed and shy as he shook the long sleeves past his synthetic fingertips, glanced around the wide halls with a flush still over his cheeks. Vitesh's shirt was soft and loose over his body, pants that were tight and snug in places that Adam hadn't felt in years because they actually fit. The boxers he wore were so much less of quality that he felt unworthy in these clothes. His own had been washed by that red smoke that Vitesh wielded so well and folded neatly into a compact box of brown leather. He wasn't stupid to think that Vitesh had just thought of cleaning his clothes until after Adam was in new ones that smelt of the Jinni and his lovely spices.

Stepping out into the hallway, Adam got smacked in the gut by suffocating awe. This was even nicer than the original Hampton residence and a lot more tasteful in decor. Vitesh walked at the same pace, pointing out some doors here and there or greeting the rare, yet always respectful, gang/family member if they passed the pair.

"We may be an underground crime syndicate, but this is a sanctuary first and foremost," Vitesh told the wolf tucked in his side with a flourish around the halls and the guns and knives on clear display hanging from belts. "My mother's father began this, when the decrees of the Alliances and all the other laws ordered that the Jinn be forcefully bound to a Master not of the same race, and also that any offspring be registered as creatures and slaves. We were discriminated against outright rather than the Conduits and Guardians simply because at least the governments were putting on a false face of support for them. We as a people were Tools, and nothing more."

He sighed, shaking his head and rubbing his temple. Adam had nearly tripped when Vitesh tuck out an arm and let the wolf clutch it. The widening smile he threw Adam's direction told the wolf that it was fine to hold on a little tighter. The support happened to be very welcome. "The first kill my maternal grandfather made was the very shifter that the Council of Fey tried to bind my mother, his only child, to. Before the shifter had harmed her permanently, grandfather tore his windpipe out and watched the light die from the monsters' eyes. He became a 'criminal' not long after, saying that the only way to protect his loved ones would be through illegal means."

'He sounds like... a very loyal man,' Adam settled on the thought, smiling down to the sleeves past his fingertips. 'Morality is something that I never understood completely. Blood and loyalty is more straight forward to me than many morals that others preach.'

"I understand that," He smiled. "Loyalty can be the difference between life and death, victory and defeat. My mother and father would like you. He was Jinni as well, but they bonded 'illegally' as they were both of the same race."

'Your father took over the gang?' Adam thought, trying to picture an older version of Vitesh. Or did Vitesh take after his mother more?

"He was my mother's personal guard, and they fell in love," He answered, fondness in his gaze. "It is a well known story circulated around the family, for that is what we call our members."

'Your sister?'

"She was adopted by my parents, there was a great many wars with the Fey Councils in that time, trying to attack our people and take our power for their own. She was the only survivor, and became my sister when I was eleven," He answered, voice softening. "We try to be legal, but the law fails so many."

Adam could understand that, very well.

"Rathod-Sahab, sir!"

"Ah, Fazir, you're back," Vitesh greeted the shorter male. Adam automatically shrunk under the earnest gaze of the new male and inched closer to Vitesh's back, almost hiding behind his wider frame. "This little wolf is Adam. Adam, Fazir, one of my most trusted spies."

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