Summer Days

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5:00 p.m

''Damn I got the finest girl on planet earth.''Dre said as I walked down his stairs in my pink string two piece bikini. I had went home at about 3 am with out Ace knowing just to grab a couple of clothes so I could come back to Dre's house.

Dre's mom was still out of town and we decided to go enjoy the beach in his backyard today, I was with it because I'm in love with the view.

I planned on going home later today and probably coming back over later on. Knowing Dre ass he would keep me at his house all day everyday if he could. I liked his place though, it was mad big and comfortable. I haven't really seen the whole place though because me and Dre have been in his room mostly watching tv and tonguing each other down, we got problems I know.

Meanwhile I was ready to get in the cool water because it was hot outside and Dre's room just wasn't the move anymore at least for now.

''Dre stop staring at my boobs.''I said rolling my eyes laughing.

''I'm not just staring at them I'm staring at yo whole body. My baby fine.''He said continuing to stare me down with a smirk.

''Well thank you, you aren't too bad yourself. Can you go get me a towel?''I said waiting for him at his backdoor.

He nodded. ''I'll be right back.''He said heading upstairs to go get one.

In the process of waiting my phone began to ring and I already knew who it was Ace. I haven't talked to him in a minute and I know he would have a million and one questions about my where abouts what big brother wouldn't? I needed to take my ass home for real.

''Hello?'' I said nervously.

''Yo Mel where the hell you at?'' Hesaid with an attitude of course.

''Dang Ace what's wrong with you?'' I said trying to change the subject.

''My problem is I haven't seen or talked to my baby sis in a minute where yo ass been Melody? I gotta talk to you about something.''He said.

''Ace I told you I've been with Nia, I'll be home around 8 I promise. And what do you have to tell me?'' I said curiously I hope it's nothing bad.

''Mhmmm Mel , I feel like you trynna play yo big brother , but we'll talk in person believe that. And about what I have to tell you ... BRING YO ASS HOME AND YOU'LL SEE.'' He said hanging up in my face.

''Rude ass.'' I mumbled to myself. Ace had every reason to be salty towards me because if the roles was switched I'd be just as mad too, but did he really have to hang up on me like that? I really gotta tell him about Dre, because this shit is getting old for real, I just know Ace will constantly be in my business with Dre and I don't need that at all. Oh well I guess we'll talk later. I was snapped out of my thoughts when I felt something hit my face hard.

''Dre don't be throwing shit at me. You must want me to beat yo ass.''I said throwing it back at him.

''Get out yo feelings.'' Dre said laughing and walking towards me.

''Whatever Dre. That's why I'm not kissing you for a week straight because you play too much.'' I said pushing him away from me.

He gave me this look like why you lying? But I tried not to laugh and be serious.

''You know you love my lips on you stop playing.''He said with his perfect ass smile. Did I mention how fine he was sometimes I craved him sexually and mentally.

Dre was indeed right though because I loved how soft and big his lips were. Imagine when and if we finally have sex, I mean he already said he eats the box so  I already know it's gone be perfect.

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