Chapter 1

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Happiness. Something many people spend their whole life looking for it. But it's just a word in a world with millions of them. What makes this one word so special? What makes it question our whole life and existence?

This word seems to mean nothing without other words to prove it. Like the earth needs the sun, happiness feeds off of hope. I've always been told there are people in this world who see the glass half empty and others who see it half full. The ones who see it half full are the ones that hope to feel whole after only ever having half. Some will say they see the glass half full but they have no hope, nor reason. People who actually see it half full have a reason; to believe, to wait, to be patient. They know someday that something great will happen, but they must be patient first.

These people see the best in everyone even if they are broken.

Others tend to assume that the girl in the corner is just the girl in the corner. I just happen to be that girl in the corner,  and that's how everyone sees me. They don't dig deeper, and they definitely don't try to know me.They've only ever read the cover.

Sometimes covers can be the most deceiving things. Like Clark Kent he was just an average journalist for the paper, but then there was Super Man. His pages were so deep, detailed, and interesting; if you had only looked at the cover you would have missed it all.

According to my friends I'm the epitome of a dork. I spend my free time attempting to run track, or with my nose shoved up book, or that one time my lowest class grade was a 92,  and I cried.

So maybe I care about my school work a little to much, but I just want to get into a good pre-med college and get out of this little town in the Adirondacks.

"Ms. Williams, Ms. Williams!"

"Yes, sir."

"What is the square root of 23?"

As you can tell, I'm currently in math class. My teacher, Mr.Hayes called on me, but thankfully I have a 94 in this class, and I studied last night. "4.79, sir" I said not looking up from my paper.

"Very good Miss Williams good to know someone's paying attention".

Oh your probably wondering my name, the title of my very on story......Annabella Williams. I'm 16 and a sophomore but I take senior classes. I have blonde hair and dull green eyes, I was basic.

I was quiet the rest of class until the bell rang. When the bell rang I slowly got up from my seat and exited into the dull gray hallway. Boring beige lockers lined the walls. In hell oops I meant "school" we all have unoriginal slutty uniforms and the only uniqueness we can have is our hair or are shoes.

I always throw my blonde hair in a messy bun and call it a day. For shoes I wear my black converse.

As I head to my escape from this world, aka the library, I think about how dumb this school is it practically trains its students to be boring gray.

My thoughts are interrupted by the usual sluts and barbarians. They pushed me up against the lockers. The queen of the idiots, Britt started punching and hitting and scratching me. " You'll never be more than a loser, you should just kill yourself already nobody would care if you did" Britt sneered and her friends laughed. Britt's boyfriend, Denis came up to my ear whispered to me "Meet me at the park tonight at 8, if you don't come I will beat you so hard you'll wished you were dead; so see you there, babe". My heart dropped to my ankles. He gave me chills and not the good kind. Britt stunted away with her posse close behind.
I left my house with no problem my parents are never home. All they do is send money and anything but genuine "I miss you notes". I can't remember the last time they said love you to me.

I continue walking and arrive at the park in 5 minutes flat. I see Denis from afar and I'm already dreading it.

All of a sudden there is a gun shot and  Denis' lifeless body falls to the ground. I'm terrified, what's going to happen to me?

I quickly call 911 an get a operator. "911, what's your emergency" the lady said with a monotone voice.

"Help I'm at the park and this guy got shoot and I think he's dead and the murder could still be around" I said with a shaky voice, trying not to cry.

"Help will be on its way, try to stay calm and safe" the line went dead.

Then I look up to face the crazed killer. I scream and try to run but he grabs me and says

" If I had another bullet I would use it on you darling". I suddenly hear sirens, thank god. He let's go of me not before saying "I'll be back darling and you'll no just when I'm coming" his voice full of obvious venom. He darted into the forest as I dropped to my knees next to the now corps of Denis.

A policeman walked up to me and said "You need to come with me Miss".

At that moment I broke, I was full blown sobbing. The man rubbed circles on my back. I finally got up and followed the police officer back to the station. They question me and I told what happened and how the killer threatened me.

The police officer brought me some coffee and went to discuss what they were going to do. In the mean time I talked with the sketch artist and she drew a picture that looked just like HIM. They found out that he is wanted in ten other countries for being a mob boss and for seven murders.

I was practically shaking, what if he gets me? My thoughts began to pile up and jumble. I was so lost in thought I didn't see the chief of police walk in.

He quietly sat down next to me and began to speak; "We are going to put you in the witness protection program. We are sending you to sunny California;where you will be disguised as a preppy cheerleader. We tried to find a disguise that would be so different from your quiet persona that HE wouldn't know it is you.

"You leave tomorrow at 5am. Please go home and pack." I look up at the clock and see that it's 11pm. Really? Why did this all happen to me?

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Hope you guys like the first chapter. Let me know if this is too long or too short. Feel free to help give me some ideas. Let me know if there is anything I can improve on and I will try my best. I will try to update every Wednesday and Sunday. This story starts off a little slow but when it picks up it gets really interesting. Let me know if you can do covers!
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