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Love it's meant to cherish,

I give all that I have,

Yet my love is not enough,

What is it about her?

I stand by you, Am at your side,

Yet its like your far away, Your heart no longer beats with mine,

I can feel it in your kiss, Your eyes tell a different story,

But your mouth,

The lie of love.


What is it about her? is it her caress?

Her scent? Her sense of style?

What attracts that makes you doubt? How can you leave?

Is it worth to throw everything for a fling, lust?

How can you say love, Yet throw that love,

What is love to you? Is it the chasing of something new?

knowing it isn't,

When you look at her what do you see?

What is in her kisses? Should i beg?

Didn't I try or is my love not enough?

Is she woman enough for you? I look at her , look at me,

I see someone ordinary,  Someone who resembles me,

The present,

The gift I gave to you full of love, laughter and life,

Now it's destroyed,

Happiness tarnished,

All because of greed,

In her arms,

I hope you find peace,

Love is never guranteed,

It's a game, winner takes all,

Don't turn back on love

Lust can never become love,

Love that is cherished,

now that she's here cherish what little love she can give,

what is love to you?

The joy that comes with another conquest 

by mariam furaha

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