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Okay, this will be a short information page. The summary basically said it for us.

Are there some things about writing you aren't sure about? Want to ask a question about it? Please come on inside. If we don't already have the answer for you, we will do our best to get it!

There will be a few different types of "help":

Grammar: Oh, the dreaded thing. But you know, it's kind of needed for stories. At least to not hurt eyes. How many published books do you see with atrocious grammar? So yes.  We are going to try to help people get that right!

Execution: You know, not all writing is about the grammar. Sometimes it simply execution. Whether it be how you show a character's appearance, showing rather than telling, or anything like that, the way you do it speaks volumes.

Cliche Killers: You give us a cliche. We offer alternatives. Or just outright bash the cliche then give some help. What can I say? It IS called Cliche Killers.

If you have any specific questions or recommendations for types of help, please say so in the comment section below and we will address them!

This book is headed by our wonderful admin Wimbug. She will be the one doing a majority of the help, though she will also be assigning tasks for other admins to do.

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