The Good News

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12:30 p.m

Today was the day that I would be meeting up with my ex Shawn and I didn't know how to feel honestly. One minute I say I'm over him, but once I see him those feelings instantly come back. It's no secret that Shawn has put me through some shit, but I did want to come eat with him today. Why? I don't know maybe it's still something there.

I know a lot of girls would've said fuck him especially with the whole baby rumor going around , but I had to get the full story on this. In the past I just assumed that the baby was his with out talking to him and I know I should've went a different route but I couldn't. I was just so hurt that I didn't even want to communicate with him or hear him out. Like I said I know that was the wrong thing to do so today I'm here to do just that. Trust me I don't plan on holding back on anything either in fact I plan to get mad, cry, and maybe even stab his ass with the dinner fork but hey at least I'll know the truth and have clarity.

I pulled up to the restaurant in my all white 2016 drop top Porsche and I was feeling really comfortable right now. I didn't know how long that would actually last though considering that fact Shawn knew how to push my damn buttons every time. I just hoped he came correct today because I didn't mind causing a scene at all.

When I walked in I seen Shawn sitting down in a booth on the phone talking his life away. His eyes met mines and he hung up the phone and got up to approach me. Baby was looking good too it was something about a nice clean white tee that did something to me. He had on some denim jeans that hung off his body and a fresh pair of Jordan's not to mention his diamond earring shinning in his ear. I had to clench my thighs together just cause.

''You look good.''He said wrapping his arms around my waist, I took the time to embrace his scent and I nearly fainted in his arms. He  smelled so good and I didn't want to let him go. I was deep in thought and shit, but I quickly snapped out of it and sat down. I didn't need to be falling for him that damn fast he gone have to show me something more.

''Thank you Shawn.''I said scanning through the menu.

''No problem ma.''He said with a smirk causing me to look at him.

Once I peeped what he was doing I quickly looked down at my menu again. He knew what he was doing , but Nia wasn't falling for it. I know this nigga like the back of my hand I'm telling you.

''Good evening I'm Ricky and I'll be your waiter today, what can I get the lovely couple? I can start your drinks now and then I'll be back for your food orders.''He said pulling out his pen and pad.

''Uhhhh Ricky or whatever your name is, we are not a couple.''I said rolling my eyes.

Shawn ignored my comment and laughed some.''Don't mind her, she's just a little crazy.''He said.

If looks could kill Shawn ass would've been dead for sure. Wasn't nobody crazy, well I can be but like I said we are not a couple and I don't plan on being one either.

The waiter nodded

''But I'll have a Dr . Pepper.''Shawn said.

''And for you?''The waiter said looking at me.

''I'll have the purest water you have with lemons in it , freshly squeezed that is thank you very much.''I said with a slight attitude.

''Bougie ass.''Shawn said laughing.

I shrugged. ''So.''

I'm not gonna lie I did have my Bougie moments, I blame my parents though. For example you have my dad whose into politics and has mainly white friends who have mad dough. They all eat fancy foods with big houses and fancy cars and then there's my mom she grew up in the hood. She owns her own hair salon and loves her some good ol southern food, Not to mention she has some hood left in her from her early years. She's  a boss though, she knows how to hold her own and she has her own.

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