Blue Baby Blue: Scary Story #1 (short)

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Scary Story #1.

Blue Baby Blue:

Once there was this family,

and they had a blue baby.

one day they went to dinner,

and left the baby with a babysitter.

They went out to dinner and had a wonderful time,

while at home the phone rang.

the babysitter picked it up and the phone said,

"Blue Baby Blue."

She was scared to death,

so she unplugged the phone.

this time the phone rang again and the answering machine said,

"Blue Baby Blue, I'm Coming to Get You."

She was even more scared to death,

she unplugged everything and turned off the lights,

she then hid with the baby.

The Door bashed open,

and there was growls,

from the front door.

Back at the restraunt,

the mum and dad had finished their meal.

they set their way to their house,

and through the dark alleys.

Back in the house the mum and dad entered,

on the wall was blood that said,

"Blue Baby Blue, I told you I was coming to get you."

And on a sliver plate was the babysitter's head.

The blue baby was lying on top of her,

ripped open with his heart sticking out,

and the person who killed was standing behind the door,

he jumped behind them and cut their heads off with an axe.

"Blue Baby Blue, You were too easy to get."


Scary :(

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